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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmusssen, General Editor


About Haibun Today


Haibun Today is dedicated to the publication and preservation of haibun and tanka prose in English. Traditional and innovative works are welcome as well as articles, interviews and book reviews pertinent to the haibun and tanka prose genres.

Present Editorial Staff

Past Editorial Staff

Jeffrey Woodward founded Haibun Today in 2007 and served as General Editor until December 2016. Other volunteers who have previously staffed Haibun Today are Glenn Coats, Ruth Holzer (Haibun Editors) and Claire Everett (Tanka Prose Editor).

Submission Guidelines

Please go to our submissions page for details about how and when to submit your work to Haibun Today.


Haibun Today acquires first serial rights to any previously unpublished work that it publishes. The right to reprint such work reverts to the author 30 days after publication in Haibun Today. Any future publishers of works that first appear in this venue must credit Haibun Today for first publication and must gain permission of the writer.

Haibun Today also retains the right to reprint, in electronic or hardcopy form, those works first published here. In the case of previously published materials, Haibun Today will acquire first serial rights, if the author may grant them without violating the rights of the original publisher, plus the right to reprint such work in electronic or hardcopy form.



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