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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 9, Number 4, December 2015



Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

buttonGlenn G. Coats, On “A Change of Address” by Ken Jones
buttonFerris Gilli, On Ray Rasmussen’s Landmarks: A Haibun Collection
buttonGeorge Marsh, On Ken Jones’ Gone Away
buttonPatricia Prime, On Steven Carter’s American Gothic
buttonRich Youmans, On Genjuan Haibun Contest Anthology

Haibun: Melissa Allen, Glenn G. Coats, Ruth Holzer & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

buttonSara Abend-Sims, Three Layers Deep
buttonJane Attanucci, Mainz, Thanksgiving Week, 2014
buttonAmanda Bell, The Return
buttonJohannes S. H. Bjerg, Status
buttonDonna Buck, Double Take
buttonChristy Burbidge, Chilmark Rhododendron
buttonPeter Butler, The Magician's Assistant
buttonTheresa A. Cancro, Penelope’s Cloth
buttonMatthew Caretti, Dharma Combat
buttonSteven Carter, Soul in Twain
buttonAnna Cates, Flight
buttonGlenn G. Coats, By the Banks of Saint Johns
buttonKyle D. Craig, A Winter Primer
buttonJim Davis, Jr., Columbus Day
buttonCherie Hunter Day, Soft Landings
buttonAngelee Deodhar, A Foreign Guest
buttonTerri L. French, Appearances
buttonBill Gottlieb, Babying
buttonJ. Todd Hawkins, New Bethel Road
buttonRuth Holzer, Two Lights
buttonGerry Jacobson, Organic
buttonAlexander Jankiewicz, Reminding Me
buttonDeborah P. Kolodji, Living Near the San Andreas
buttonShrikaanth Krishnamurthy, Dandelion Clocks
buttonPadmini Krishnan, The Home Left Behind
buttonIris Lee, A Meeting Out of Time
buttonAlison Lock, In the Dying Light
buttonJayashree Maniyil, Once Upon A Time
buttonJanet McCann, Screened Porch
buttonMary P. Myers, Gazing at Flowers
buttonGenie Nakano, Icons
buttonPeter Newton, The Life of the Senses
buttonAl Ortolani, Spring Snow
buttonKathe L. Palka, HNA, 2015
buttonGabriel Patterson, Sunday Morning
buttonDru Philippou, Dream Keeper
buttonStella Pierides, Pandora’s Box
buttonAnn Quinn, Early Morning Mind
buttonBrijesh Raj, Twilight
buttonRay Rasmussen, Avoiding Going Away
buttonMichael Rehling, Terminal Velocity
buttonBruce Ross, So Still
buttonDerek Ross, Auschwitz
buttonYesha Shah, Stirring Sentiments
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, A Day in January
buttonGuy Simser, Face to Face
buttonDavid Smedley, Evergreen
buttonBob Smith, No Smoke Without Fire
buttonParesh Tiwari, Banyan Baba
buttonVidya S. Venkatramani, Buds
buttonBill Waters, Discovering America
buttonDiana Webb, Gone Wild
buttonHarriot West, Void
buttonValorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff, Ashes to Ashes
buttonJohn Zheng, Departures

Tanka Prose: Claire Everett, Editor

buttonMary Frederick Ahearn, In Summer, the Rain
buttonMatthew Caretti, Improvisation on Healing
buttonSonam Chhoki & Mike Montreuil, The Hour
buttonClaire Everett, Harking Back
buttonBill Gottlieb, Collected
buttonElizabeth Howard, Question for Audubon
buttonMarilyn Humbert, Battlefront
buttonGerry Jacobson, No Arrows Point Our Way
buttonM. Kei, Blue Mistress
buttonGary LeBel, The Road to the Falls
buttonGiselle Maya, Traces Homériques
buttonJoy McCall, The Moon, Circling
buttonPatricia Prime, Promenade
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, A Country Afternoon
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, Courtly Love
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, Fauconnier
buttonHarriot West, The Proverbial Straw



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