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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 9, Number 2, June 2015



Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

buttonTish Davis, On Journeys: An Anthology of International Haibun
buttonKen Jones, Haibun: Some Concerns
buttonLynne Rees, On Bob Lucky's Ethiopian Time
buttonJeffrey Woodward, The Hungry Writer: An Interview with Lynne Rees

Haibun: Melissa Allen, Glenn G. Coats, Ruth Holzer & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

buttonMary Frederick Ahearn, At the Marketplace
buttonJohnny Baranski, Eulogy
buttonAmanda Bell, Swiftly Flowing Water
buttonPeter Butler, Probing for Survivors
buttonMatthew Caretti, Howl, October 2012
buttonMatthew Caretti, Present Conditional
buttonAndrea Cecon, Turandot
buttonSonam Chhoki, The Makeshift Heart
buttonGlenn G. Coats, Partners
buttonElizabeth Crocket, Frozen
buttonAngelee Deodhar, Gudabutsuan
buttonGarry Eaton, Squatters
buttonLynn Edge, Making Do
buttonIgnatius Fay, Tell It Like It Is
buttonBill Gottlieb, Deathday
buttonBill Gottlieb, Starlings and Blackbirds
buttonRuth Holzer, Teapot
buttonGerry Jacobson, Geology
buttonRyan Jessup, Slick Rock
buttonKen Jones, A Change of Address
buttonAnatoly Kudryavitsky, Bishkek city
buttonChen-ou Liu, New Immigrants
buttonDoris Lynch, After the Wind Storm
buttonDoris Lynch, On the Backs of Small Beasts
buttonJennifer Met, At a Standoff
buttonRamesh Gowri Raghavan, Reincarnation
buttonKala Ramesh, The Sutra
buttonRay Rasmussen, Kathy's Mum
buttonMichael Rehling, Reserving a Room In Hell
buttonGlyn Roberts, Winter Hill
buttonAlexis Rotella, New Words
buttonYesha Shah, Would Have Beens
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, Last Hours
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, Lucy
buttonGuy Simser, Dilly-dallying Over a Drying Creek Bed
buttonRobert E. Smith, The Demise of Maize
buttonJeff Streeby, Songbirds
buttonParesh Tiwari, Impermanence
buttonParesh Tiwari, Just Another Day
buttonPatricia Tompkins, POV Matters
buttonPatricia Tompkins, Sum Daze
buttonAnastasia Vassos, Taking It on Faith
buttonBill Waters, The Western Front, 2015
buttonDiana Webb, Candlemass
buttonJuliet Wilson, Night Fishing
buttonJohn Zheng, Sounds

Tanka Prose: Claire Everett, Editor

buttonJenny Ward Angyal, The Forge
buttonCollin Barber, Cool on the Glass
buttonMatthew Caretti, Eyes Half Open
buttonJanet Lynn Davis & Susan Burch, Something in the Air
buttonJonathan Day & Joy McCall, Tree Frogs
buttonClaire Everett, Middleham Castle
buttonIgnatius Fay, The World Cries With You
buttonMarilyn Humbert, Plunkett Point
buttonGerry Jacobson, The Edge
buttonGary LeBel, All in a Day
buttonDru Philippou, Enduring Moments
buttonPatricia Prime, La Muta
buttonAlexis Rotella, Dear Hearts
buttonYesha Shah, Postscript
buttonCharles Tarlton, Three Ekphrastic Moments
buttonPatricia Tompkins, Ars Longa



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