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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 8, Number 2, June 2014



In Memoriam: Martin Lucas

Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

buttonKirsten Cliff, On Her Tanka Prose "The Taste on My Tongue"
buttonDru Philippou, On Carol Pearce-Worthington's We Are Not to Sing in the Car
buttonPatricia Prime, On Frank Carey's Seasons: A Chapbook of Haiku, Senryu and Haibun
buttonPatricia Prime, On Andrea Cecon's Selected Haibuns
buttonCynthia Rowe, On Peter Butler's ". . . And Now for the Weather Forecast"
buttonRich Youmans, On Glenn G. Coats' Beyond the Muted Trees

Haibun: Glenn G. Coats and Ray Rasmussen, Editors

buttonChris Bays, Sembach
buttonJohannes S. H. Bjerg, There’s No Charge
buttonOwen Bullock, For Brian
buttonSusan Burch, Cross-eyed
buttonPeter Butler, Things in my Attic
buttonMatthew Caretti, Daedulus Inspired
buttonSteven Carter, Two Dreams of Annie
buttonMarion Clarke, Cantrer Gwaelod: The lowland one hundred
buttonThomas H. Chockley, Falling Out of the Void
buttonGlenn G. Coats, Boats in the Snow
buttonDoug D’Elia, Wednesdays I Write Haiku
buttonAngelee Deodhar, Finding Mother
buttonMargaret Dornaus, Oculus
buttonClaire Everett, Subliminal
buttonCalvin Z. Heyward, Carolina Blooms
buttonLaura Hill, Circles
buttonRuth Holzer, Dinner at Timmy’s
buttonJonathan Humphrey, The Long-Haired Stream
buttonAlexander Jankiewicz, Umm al-Quwain
buttonRyan Jessup, A Nest
buttonKen Jones, Joseph Jones & Son: Painters & Decorators
buttonDavid J. Kelly, Just saying No
buttonShrikaanth Krishnamurthy, Bystanders
buttonPadmini Krishnan, Missed Hours
buttonChen-ou Liu, A Room of His Own
buttonAlison Lock, Lifelines
buttonGregory Longenecker, Palm Trees
buttonBob Lucky, Dear Maintenance Help Desk
buttonDoris Lynch, Independence Day
buttonElizabeth G. Macalaster, Gone
buttonFrancis Masat, Havens
buttonGiselle Maya and Patricia Prime, Journeys
buttonSatoko Murate, Vacant Seat
buttonGenie Nakano, Urbania
buttonSergio Ortiz, A Murdered Woman
buttonMatthew Paul, Umberto at Large
buttonMarge Piercy, The Crowded Season Is Just Beginning
buttonSusan Pope, Golden Years
buttonPatricia Prime, Not Falling
buttonJanet Qually, The Way of Things
buttonRay Rasmussen, Counting
buttonR. K. Sameer, Faraway Sea
buttonYesha Shah, Wheel of Life
buttonJeff Streeby, Hornick, Iowa
buttonMaureen Sudlow, Other Lives
buttonMarjorie Thomsen, Vivian Acres
buttonParesh Tiwari, Shards
buttonPat Tompkins, Ambition
buttonPriscilla Van Valkenburgh, Bus Stop
buttonHarriot West, Dis-connect

Tanka Prose: Claire Everett, Editor

buttonJenny Ward Angyal, Liturgy of the Hours
buttonMatthew Caretti, Transfer
buttonJanet Lynn Davis, Preservation
buttonClaire Everett, Jervaulx Abbey
buttonMarilyn Humbert, Sheltering
buttonGerry Jacobson, In the Rainforest
buttonM. Kei, I Would Have Loved Him If I Hadn’t Hated Him
buttonGary LeBel, Sind Sie Verheiratet?
buttonChen-ou Liu, A Life in Translation
buttonDru Philippou, Holding On
buttonKala Ramesh, The Other Side
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, To the Bottom
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, Waking Up in San Francisco



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