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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 8, Number 1, March 2014



Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

buttonAnne Benjamin, On Glenn G. Coats' "Last House on the Left"
buttonTish Davis, On Ray Rasmussen's "Fly Fishing"
buttonDru Philippou, On Amelia Fielden's Mint Tea from a Copper Pot
buttonRay Rasmussen, On Ken Jones' "An Existential Encounter"
buttonRichard Straw, On Ruth Holzer's "Bruehl"
button Rich Youmans, On Melissa Allen's "The Shape of Water"

Haibun: Glenn G. Coats and Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button Susan B. Auld & Mike Montreuil, Lost Dreams
button Donna Buck, Solidarity
button Marjorie Buettner & Margaret Dornaus, Circadian Rhythm
button Susan Burch, Slipping Through the Dreamcatcher
button Peter Butler, And now for the Weather Forecast
button Matthew Caretti, Barrier
button Thomas Chockley, A Good Read
button Marion Clarke, Lough Reflections
button Glenn G. Coats, Foothills
button Neelam Dadhwal, Trips to Himachal Pradesh
button Robert Davey, Descent
button Angelee Deodhar, The Messenger
button Claire Everett, Ink on Silk
button Al Fogel, Flick of the Bic
button Gary Ford, Just a Moment
button Terri L. French, 3,000 Mile Myth
button Jerry Gill, Late Autumn Fog
button Anita Guenin, The Blue Dress
button Dan Hardison, Her Name Was Mary
button Laura Hill, Curiosity on Koh Chang
button Ruth Holzer, Via della Croce
button Alexander Jankiewicz, Daydreamer
button Ken Jones, An Existential Encounter
button Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Life Size
button Gary LeBel, Spring Story
button Bob Lucky, The True Story of My Floppy Green Hat
button Doris Lynch, On the Way to September
button Wade Martin, Phantom Bulb
button Francis Masat, Quiet Joy
button Francis Masat, The WPA Bridle Path, Key West c. 1930
button Genie Nakano, Fireflies
button Brett Peruzzi, Delta Bound
button Marge Piercy, Sometimes Things Slow Down for a Moment
button Patricia Prime, His Name was Roger
button Patricia Prime, Welcome
button Nu Quang, After a Long Monsoon
button Kala Ramesh, The Moon's Company
button Ray Rasmussen, Ginko in a Mountain Wilderness
button Lance Rivers, The Way
button Bruce Ross, Time and Timelessness
button Cynthia Rowe, Light Finger Tapping
button Guy Simser, Winter Solstice
button Takenoko, Nothing is For Ever
button Marjorie Thomsen, No Sleepover
button Paresh Tiwari, Radioheads
button Pat Tompkins, Can I Get a Witness?
button Lynn Wohlwend, A View of Sky
button Quendryth Young, Geibi Gorge, Japan
button Jianqing Zheng, Verbomania
button Ruth Zuckschwerdt, Crossing the Glacier

Tanka Prose: Claire Everett, Editor

button Mary Frederick Ahearn, Season of Leaves
buttonJenny Ward Angyal, Hypothetical
buttonMatthew Caretti, From the Quarry
buttonJanet Lynn Davis, What If?
buttonClaire Everett, The Songs I Had
buttonIgnatius Fay, This Old House
buttonGerry Jacobson, Never Was
button Ingrid Kunschke, Rectification
buttonGary LeBel, In Living Color
buttonPatricia Prime, Travelling Light
buttonKala Ramesh, Rain
buttonBrendan Slater, Cemetery Road
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, A Brighter Day
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, Changing Country



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