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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 7, Number 4, December 2013



Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

button Glenn G. Coats, On “Homeless in the Universe” by Bill Wyatt
button Jeffrey Harpeng, On Finding Hope
button Ruth Holzer, On Steven Carter’s Paper Doors
button Ingrid Kunschke, On Jeffrey Woodward’s Another Garden: Tanka Writings
button Bob Lucky, On Lynne Rees’s Forgiving the Rain
button Charles Tarlton, Art and Memory: On Stanley Pelter’s “Arc Walk”

Haibun: Glenn G. Coats and Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button A.T. Allan, Gifts From the Dirt
button Mike Andrelczyk, Middleground
button Lynette Arden, Hope
button Susan B. Auld, Summer’s End on Mt. Rainier
button Dawn Bruce, Autumn
button Donna Buck, Ribbons
button Peter Butler, New Neighbors
button Ashley Capes, Three Months of Imagining
button Matthew Caretti, Blue
button Steven Carter, Opus 33
button Sonam Chhoki, The Lure of the Threshold
button Glenn G. Coats, Local Hero
button Robert Davey, Vinyl
button Angelee Deodhar, Morpheus
button Lynn Edge, Once We Were Cowgirls
button Judson Evans, From Japan Journal
button Gary Ford, Untold Story
button Terri L. French, The Language of Flowers
button Deborah Guzzi, Lost Hearts
button Laura Hill, Simplicity
button Ruth Holzer, City and County
button Ryan Jessup, Family Reunion
button Jaclyn Jones, The Secret Passageway
button Ken Jones, Fear Eats the Soul
button Roger D. Jones, Fifty-something
button Padmini Krishnan, The Monastery
button Gary LeBel, Traveler
button Alison Lock, The Playground
button Bob Lucky, Stand Off in Cambridge
button Doris Lynch, In the North Woods
button Johannes Manjrekar, Monsoon
button Francis Masat, At the Last
button Mike Montreuil, So Far Away
button Susan Nelson, Broken
button Peter Newton, Hermit
button Doug Norris, Louise’s Grave
button Marge Piercy, There Were No Mountains in Detroit
button Patricia Prime, Facing the Facts
button Patricia Prime, A Free Country
button Nu Quang, Leaves Falling to Their Roots
button Ray Rasmussen, Drifting
button Michael Rehling, A Good Book, and A Rainbow
button Bruce Ross, Entering
button Miriam Sagan, The Drawing Lesson
button Adelaide B. Shaw, Crash
button Jeff Streeby, Target Ship
button Takenoko, Sand
button Paresh Tiwari, Awakening
button Patricia Tompkins, Related to Lemmings
button Anita Virgil, The Trouble With Strangers
button Harriot West, Dreams May Come
button Colin Will, Letting Go
button Bill Wyatt, Homeless in the Universe
button Athena Zaknic, My Morning

Tanka Prose: Claire Everett, Editor

button Jenny Angyal, “I Know Where I Must Go”
buttonDonna Buck, Burlap
buttonJanet Lynn Davis, Circa 1830
buttonClaire Everett, Celandine
buttonJeffrey Harpeng, Hope
buttonMarilyn Humbert, Djanggawul’s Painting
buttonGerry Jacobson, The Wheel of the Year
buttonCarol Judkins, Gifting
buttonGary LeBel, from The Lost Wax III
buttonBob Lucky, A Lesson
buttonSergio Ortiz, The Museum of Disappointment
buttonDru Philippou, “In Maine”
buttonPatricia Prime, Connections
buttonCharles Tarlton, from The Art of Interpretation
buttonDavid Terelinck, Souvenirs



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