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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 7, Number 3, September 2013



Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

button Melissa Allen, On Jeffrey Woodward’s Evening in the Plaza: Haibun & Haiku
button David Cobb, Transmissions of Haibun
button Penny Harter, On Glenn G. Coats’ Snow on the Lake: Haibun & Haiku
button Ruth Holzer, On Steven Carter’s Ekphrasis
button Chen-ou Liu, What Happens in [David Cobb's Conception of] Haibun: A Critical Study for Readers Who Want More
button Bob Lucky, On Ed Markowski’s Americana
button Patricia Prime, On David Cobb’s Marching with Tulips

Haibun: Glenn G. Coats and Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button Steve Andrews, London 1942
button Donna Buck, Black and White
button Peter Butler, The Rose
button Ashley Capes, Shade Cloth
button Steven Carter, Swan Bar I
button Glenn G. Coats, Last House on the Left
button Elizabeth Crocket, Expectations
button Robert Davey, Wheat Fields
button Angelee Deodhar, Nirvana
button Garry Eaton, Black Pan
button Lynn Edge, Midnight
button Ignatius Fay, Yours Forever
button Al Fogel, Crossing Over
button Gary Ford, Lingering
button Terri L. French, Fuzzy Dice
button Jaclyn Jones, Passing
button Ken Jones, Strong Cheese & Bitter Coffee
button Noragh Jones, Hebridean Lochs
button Carol Judkins, Letting Go
button Padmini Krishnan, Last Words
button Gary LeBel, Army
button Gary LeBel, Target
button Chen-ou Liu, The Little Death
button Bob Lucky, Haptics
button Bob Lucky, If Bruegel Had Lived in Addis
button Johannes Manjrekar, The Bull
button Mike Montreuil, Looking
button Marian Olson, Beautiful Noise
button Carol Pearce-Worthington, Disappearing
button Marge Piercy, Why Did the Palace of Excess ...?
button Patricia Prime, The Toys of Unreason
button Nu Quang, Reminiscing about Antiquity at Red Cliff
button Ray Rasmussen, Nothing Better
button Michael Rehling, Over the Top
button Bruce Ross, Another Form
button Cynthia Rowe, Frankfurt
button Jeff Streeby, Peregrino
button Harriot West, Riffing
button Erika Lee Williams, Storm Season
button Geoffrey Winch, Gathering

Tanka Prose: Claire Everett, Editor

button Donna Buck, Juke Box
button Claire Everett, Brimham Rocks
button Ignatius Fay, Motivation
button Marilyn Humbert, Nest
button Gerry Jacobson, The River
button M. Kei, Elegy for Detroit
button Gary LeBel, The Long Grass
button Joy McCall, The Straight Road to Yarmouth
button Patricia Prime & Owen Bullock, Red Polls
button Alexis Rotella, Remember this Moment
button Charles Tarlton, Fictional Randonnées . . .
button Charles Tarlton, Vestiges of the Kangaroo Dance . . .
button J. Zimmerman, Mile Nine



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