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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 5, Number 4, December 2011


In Memoriam: Janice M. Bostok


The New Editorial Staff of Haibun Today

Articles, Interviews & Reviews

buttonDavid Cobb, A Few Timely Heresies About English Haibun
buttonDavid Cobb, A Technical Note on Haibun Prose
buttonDavid Cobb, Some Personal Ideas About Writing Haibun
buttonTish Davis, On Atlas Poetica's "25 Tanka Prose" and Atlas Poetica 9
buttonDru Philippou, Entering the Mystery of “Hipólito, the Herder”
buttonCharles Tarlton, Toward a Theory and Practice of Tanka-Prose
buttonRich Youmans, Depth Charges: A Q & A with William M. Ramsey about the Art of Haibun


buttonMelissa Allen, What Was His Is Mine
buttonDeb Baker, Horizons
buttonOwen Bullock, Rotorua
buttonSteven Carter, 1923
buttonSteven Carter, Epiphany
buttonMarcyn Del Clements, The Salt and the Sea
buttonGlenn G. Coats, Night Brings Peace
buttonGlenn G. Coats, The Pull of Current
buttonDavid Cobb, The Cavern at Škocjan
buttonAnne Curran, A Brighter Future
buttonCherie Hunter Day, The Old Farmer's Almanac
buttonCherie Hunter Day, Versunkenheit
buttonEduardo N. del Valle, XLI
buttonLisa Fleck Dondiego, At the Wake
buttonRuth Holzer, Fou de vous
buttonRuth Holzer, The Upper West Side
buttonKen Jones, The Lost and the Found
buttonRobert W. Kimsey, Camp Train
buttonRobert W. Kimsey, Change
buttonChen-ou Liu, A Day
buttonBob Lucky, Talking to Myself 5
buttonVictor Maddalena, Faith
buttonVictor Maddalena, Morning
buttonMarian Olson, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
buttonCarol Pearce-Worthington, Summer Stock
buttonStanley Pelter, Again Snow
buttonStanley Pelter, Passing Time on a Ward
buttonDru Philippou, Aspens
buttonWilliam M. Ramsey, Gurdjieff, Zen & Meher Baba
buttonWilliam M. Ramsey, U-Boat
buttonRay Rasmussen, Slickhorn Canyon
buttonBruce Ross, The Inmost Solution
buttonCynthia Rowe, Le Mariage
buttonMiriam Sagan, Steuben Glass
buttonLucas Stensland, Habitually An Instinct ...
buttonJohn Stone, Crows
buttonDiana Webb, Autumn Journey

Tanka Prose

buttonDawn Bruce, Pursuit
buttonTish Davis, Olly Olly Oxen Free
buttonClaire Everett, Caddisfly
buttonJeffrey Harpeng, Piñata
buttonGary LeBel, Late Last Thursday
buttonGary LeBel, White Azaleas
buttonMarie Lecrivain, Art of Decay
buttonBob Lucky, Trying to Ignore Mortality ...
buttonKathe L. Palka, Parvin State Park, New Jersey
buttonDru Philippou, Inner Realism
buttonPatricia Prime, Ancestors
buttonPatricia Prime, Night Sleeper
buttonCharles Tarlton, A Memory of Color ...
buttonCharles Tarlton, Four Short Poems ...


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