Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 4, Number 3, September 2010


I. Articles, Interviews & Reviews

buttonTish Davis, Review of Ruth Franke’s Slipping Through Water
buttonJeffrey Harpeng, The Ghost in the Haibun
buttonDru Philippou, Review of Hortensia Anderson’s The Plentitude of Emptiness
buttonPatricia Prime, The Place Where Poetry Begins, An Interview with Ruth Holzer
buttonMark Smith, Review of Contemporary Haibun 11

II. Haibun

buttonDan Allawat, Walking at Night buttonRobert Moyer, The Sanctuary
buttonRoberta Beary, Memorare buttonRalph Murre, Magazine Women Smiling
buttonNathalie Boisard-Beudin, Flying In to Bergen buttonEduardo N. del Valle, Field Visit #5
buttonMarjorie A. Buettner, After the Fall buttonEduardo N. del Valle, Field Visit #6
buttonGlenn G. Coats, Electromagnetic Waves buttonStanley Pelter, Shouts Within
buttonGlenn G. Coats, There Were Three Ships buttonRay Rasmussen, Flock of Grimaces
buttonCherie Hunter Day, Sea Glass buttonMark Ritchie, Somali Embarkation
buttonAlbert DeGenova, Postcard from NYC buttonBruce Ross, Deeper and Deeper
buttonAlbert DeGenova, Postcard from Ixtapa, Mexico buttonCynthia Rowe, Interrupted
buttonPhuoc-Tan Diep, What Lies Inside? buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, The First Day
buttonLynn Edge, Passages buttonMark Smith, The Buoying Moon
buttonMaureen Scott Harris, Old Hat buttonRichard Straw, Home
buttonMichele L. Harvey, The Caretaker buttonRichard Straw, Widow
buttonEd Higgins, He Drank buttonLinda Jeannette Ward, The Ungreening of America
buttonEd Higgins, So One Day buttonTheresa Williams, Cairo, Illinois
buttonChen-ou Liu, Winter Light buttonJeffrey Winke, An Army of Ants
buttonVictor Maddalena, The Kite buttonJeffrey Winke, And Prying, They Thought
buttonFrancis Masat, Chicken Dinner buttonJeffrey Woodward, Brittle

III. Tanka Prose

buttonTish Davis, Field of Wheat buttonGary LeBel, Dear Cousin
buttonCherie Hunter Day, Hideaway buttonDru Philippou, Milk of Paradise
buttonGerry Jacobson, Years Later buttonPatricia Prime, Cemetery at Stillwater
buttonGary LeBel, An Epistle to Mibu buttonJeffrey Woodward, Morro Bay


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