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Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 13, Number 3, September 2019



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buttonIn our December 2014 issue, we made the announcement that Melissa Allen would be joining us as a haibun editor. She's now announced that she's ready to move on, as all volunteer editors must do at some point. Melissa, heartfelt thanks for your years of contributions to Haibun Today and for the positive collegiality you brought to our team of editors. ~ Ray Rasmussen

buttonSubmissions for our December 2019 issue are open from September 1 through October 1 -> Submissions Guidelines

buttonSnapshot Press has announced several chapbooks: Glenn G. Coats, Degrees of Acceptance, Lew Watts, Tick-Tock, Matthew Caretti, Harvesting Stones, and Rich Youmans, All The Windows Lit. Those titles along with many other PDF ebooks are free to read and download here -> Snapshot Press ebooks.

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries: Patricia Prime, Editor

buttonBarbara Curnow, A Personal Commentary on Carol Raisfeld's "Around Every Corner"
buttonBob Lucky, The Haibun as Essay: A Commentary on Steven Carter's "In the Crowd"
buttonSean O’Connor (editor), The Haibun Journal, A Review by Tony Beyer
buttonRay Rasmussen, Chad Robinson, Fay Aoyagi, How to Read & Write Haiku: An Example from The Heron's Nest
buttonRichard Straw, Retrospective Haibun, or Why I Love the Past

Haibun: Melissa Allen, Terri French, Rich Youmans & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button Steve Andrews, Missing Children
button Marilyn Ashbaugh, In Desperation, I Resort to Crime
button Taofeek Ayeyemi (Aswagaawy), The Rite
button Jo Balistreri, Timbre
button Matthew Caretti, African Time
button Anna Cates, In Primeval Forests Deities Grew
button Salil Chaturvedi, Keeping the Faith
button Glenn G. Coats, Shifting Currents
button Glenn G. Coats, Watertown Revisited
button Kristina Conley, Will the Rain Reach Us?
button Martin Duguay, Neighbors
button Martin Duguay, Sanctuary
button Lynn Edge, The Appointment
button Colleen M. Farrelly, Writing on the Wall
button Mark Forrester, Four Deaths in Two Hours
button Mark Forrester, Inclemency
button Praniti Gulyani, The Ache
button Autumn Noelle Hall, Here There Be Dragons
button Marilyn Humbert, Storm
button Jonathan Humphrey, A Green Mandala of the Midwest
button David Jacobs, World Cup
button Doris Lynch, New World Order
button Doris Lynch, Post Office Beneficence
button Gautam Nadkarni, Cash Crop
button Peter Newton, Boat Anchors
button Peter Newton, The Story Of
button Renée Owen, The Deadhouse: Americans Torn in Two
button Renée Owen, The Big One
button Tom Painting, Freeze-frame
button Tom Painting, Viewfinder
button Carol Ann Palomba, Another Sunday Morning
button Aparna Pathak, Anthophobia
button Dru Philippou, Hidden Legacies
button Marge Piercy, Winter's First Touch
button Kala Ramesh, Small Desires
button Ray Rasmussen, Visit with a Long-Dead Rock-Artist
button Dian Duchin Reed, Anti-gravity
button Cynthia Rowe, Food of the Gods
button Shloka Shankar, The Twins
button Adelaide B. Shaw, You Go First
button Lew Watts, Lottery
button Lew Watts, Saint Joseph
button Diana Webb, Brushwork
button John Zheng, New Year's Eve

Tanka Prose: Tish Davis and Tim Gardiner, Editors

button Maxianne Berger, Once Upon a Time in a Garden of Clay
button Janet Lynn Davis, Lodestar
button Tish Davis, Going to Gore Orphanage
button Amelia Fielden, All Right Now?
button Tim Gardiner, The Sky, Taken Away From Us
button Richard Grahn, Lure of the Status Quo
button Autumn Noelle Hall, Saprophetic
button Marilyn Humbert, Last Days
button Gerry Jacobson, The Father of the Groom
button Giselle Maya and Patricia Prime, Digitalis
button Carol Raisfeld, Strangeness
button Kala Ramesh, Lifting the Veil
button Adelaide B. Shaw, Upon Seeing the Once Alcazar Hotel
button Kathryn J. Stevens, Schadenfreude
button Charles D. Tarlton, British Vogue by Ann Knickerbocker
button Charles D. Tarlton, There's Talk in the Rookery
button John Zheng, Alone Time



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