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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 13, Number 1, March 2019



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Announcements: From The Heron's Nest and Narrow Road journals.

Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

buttonFrances Angela, Philip Street, A Review by Roger Jones
buttonTerri L. French, Keepers: A Book of Haibun, A Review by Tony Beyer
buttonJoyce Futa, Lit Windows: A Book of Haibun and Tanka Prose, A Review by Patricia Prime
buttonMike Montreuil, Long Ago in a Small Logging Town, A Review by Patricia Prime
buttonMike Montreuil, The New Apocalypse: Haibun, A Review by Tony Beyer
buttonRichard Straw, “Little Prayers” and the Bluebird: Thomas Merton on Haiku.

Editor's Challenge #2: Personal Commentaries

buttonPersonal Commentaries: What are they and why they should continue
buttonSteve Andrews' "Peas on a Knife," A Personal Commentary by J Hahn Doleman
buttonSteve Andrews' "The Suitcase," A Personal Commentary by Gerry Jacobson
buttonRay Rasmussen's "Twice in the Garden," A Personal Commentary by Pravat Kumar Padhy
buttonDiana Webb's "Holy Day of Obligation," A Personal Commentary by Doris Lynch

Haibun: Melissa Allen, Terri French, Rich Youmans & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

buttonSara Abend-Sims, Old Cats
buttonChris Bays, Blood Brothers
buttonJane Beal, A Walk to Remember
buttonRoberta Beary, Origami
buttonStoianka Boianova, Reflections
buttonConstance Bourg, Reclamation
buttonJohn Budan, Illusion
buttonMatthew Caretti, The Sky is Falling
buttonAnna Cates, Going Green
buttonAndrea Cecon, Avoidance
buttonGeetashree Chatterjee, Baul Song
buttonSalil Chaturvedi, Wonderlust
buttonThomas Chockley, Work in Progress
buttonMarcyn Del Clements, Among the Frass and Wrack
buttonGlenn Coats, Saturated by the Sea
buttonJ Hahn Doleman, Spin Cycle
buttonMartin Duguay, The Insomniac
buttonLynn Edge, Sheila’s Gift
buttonJudson Evans & Rich Youmans, Approaching Thunder
buttonColleen M. Farrelly, Missing in Action
buttonGary Ford, Broken Window
buttonMark Forrester, Correspondence
buttonJan Foster, Awakenings
buttonTerri L. French, Passiflora incarnata
buttonMary Ellen Gambutti, Refuge
buttonTim Gardiner, Lost Boys
buttonBill Gottlieb, Making a Splash
buttonRichard Grahn, Flight of the Hummingbird
buttonPraniti Gulyani, Things Missing in a New Life
buttonEd Higgins, Syntax Connections
buttonNancy Hull, Oh! Possum!
buttonMarilyn Humbert, Grandparent’s Lament
buttonDavid Jacobs, Position of Strength
buttonGerry Jacobson, Derelict
buttonPeter Jastermsky, The Day the Sky Fell
buttonRoger Jones, Butterfly Ranching
buttonPadmini Krishnan, Boatman’s Song
buttonGary Lebel, In Publicum
buttonChen-ou Liu, What’s Past is Prologue
buttonCyndi Lloyd, Sunday Afternoon
buttonDoris Lynch, A Green County Pilgrimage
buttonJonathan McKeown, Ariadne
buttonIan Mullins, Checkers
buttonMary Myers, The Definition of Anything
buttonGautam Nadkarni, Cookbook For The Religious
buttonShreya Narang, Paragon
buttonPeter Newton, The Dawn of Man
buttonRenée Owen, Before the Firestorm
buttonPravat Kumar Padhy, To Have and Have Not
buttonTom Painting, The Eels
buttonAparna Pathak, Vacuum
buttonKeith Polette, The Choice
buttonPatricia Prime, Two Sides of War
buttonValentina Ranaldi-Adams, Aftermath of Her Death
buttonShobha Rao, Endings & Beginnings
buttonRay Rasmussen, Storyteller
buttonDian Duchin Reed, The Uncertainty Principle
buttonLynne Rees, Into the Dark
buttonMichael Rehling, Watermelon Man
buttonBruce Ross, The Ancient Opening
buttonAlexis Rotella, The Last Supper
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, I Do
buttonRobert Smith, Together the Splendour
buttonRichard Straw, Extracts from Rapiaria
buttonElisa Theriana, Moon Whisperer
buttonEls van Leeuwen, Being Human
buttonDavid Walsh, Day Lilies
buttonLew Watts, You Can’t Take The Baptist Out
buttonDiana Webb, Cast of Thousands
buttonSimon Wilson, Eternal Jigsaws
buttonJohn Zheng, Visual Shock

Tanka Prose: Tish Davis and Tim Gardiner, Editors

buttonSteve Andrews, Fireflies
buttonMarcyn Del Clements, The Visitation
buttonJanet Lynn Davis, Any Fool’s Gold
buttonTish Davis, Deliverance
buttonClaire Everett and Joel Everett, A Golden Dream
buttonAmelia Fielden, Windows
buttonTim Gardiner, Hollow
buttonRichard Grahn, Enchanted
buttonMarilyn Humbert, Rite of Passage
buttonKeitha Keyes, Stepping Out
buttonGary LeBel, In Wintertime
buttonGary LeBel, Two Pieces
buttonMary P. Myers, Up in the Air
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, The Unexpected
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, Disparencies
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, Akumu No Nikki: Fragments Dream Diary
buttonJohn Zheng, Mediation in Changsha, China



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