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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 12, Number 4, December 2018



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Announcement: Welcome to Our new Tanka Prose Editors & Many Thanks to Our Retiring Editor, Janet Lynn Davis

Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

button Tim Gardiner’s The Flintknapper’s Ghost, A Review by Patricia Prime.
button Roger Jones’ Goodbye, A Review by Tony Beyer.
button M. Kei's (Editor) Stacking Stones: An Anthology of Short Tanka Sequences, A Review by Tony Beyer.
button Harriot West’s Shades of Absence, A Review by Patricia Prime.

Editor's Challenge #2: Personal Commentaries

button Personal Commentaries: What are they and why they should continue.
button Salil Chaturvedi’s “Out of Character,” A Personal Commentary by Adelaide Shaw.
button Margaret Chula's “For Rent,” A Personal Commentary by Cyndi Lloyd.
button Mark Forrester’s “The Waning,” A Personal Commentary by Kevin Nusser.
button Marilyn Humbert's "Hope," A Personal Commentary by Terri French
button Chen-ou Liu’s “The Distance of Love,” A Personal Commentary by Pravat Kumar Padhy.
button Chen-ou Liu’s “The Distance of Love,” A Personal Commentary by Gerry Jacobson.

Haibun: Melissa Allen, Terri French, Rich Youmans & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button Catherine M. Altimari, Ghosts in the Graveyard
button Steve Andrews, Peas on a Knife
button Ludmila Balabanova, Without Watch
button c.m.b., Beautiful and Alive
button Pris Campbell, Riding the Wind
button Pris Campbell, Taking Flight
button Theresa A. Cancro, The Visit
button Theresa A. Cancro, Manzanar 1942
button Matthew Caretti, Presence
button Matthew Caretti, Witching Hour
button Anna Cates Vignette
button Salil Chaturvedi, Cross-legged Cockroach
button Thomas Chockley, Vision Quest
button Glenn G. Coats, Surrogate
button J Hahn Doleman, Song of the Centipede
button J Hahn Doleman, Dropping In
button Martin Duguay, Reverse Culture Shock
button Lynn Edge, Discovery
button Colleen M. Farrelly, Fires and Stones
button Mary Ellen Gambutti, My Empty Lot
button Mark Gilbert, Endosperm
button Richard Grahn, Moving On
button Florence Heyhoe, Dead a Long Time
button Ruth Holzer, Patient
button Peter Jastermsky, Waiting Out December
button David J. Kelly, Still Life
button S.M. Kozubek, Prodigal
button Catherine J.S. Lee, Roughing it
button Catherine J.S. Lee, Summer Flight
button Cyndi Lloyd, September 25
button Doris Lynch, Second Delivery
button Doris Lynch, Interlude
button Charlotte Mandel, Running Notes
button Guatam Nadkami, Voter’s Rites
button Kevin Nusser, Poet’s Beach
button Sean O’Connor, Big Boys
button Maeve O’Sullivan, Primary
button Renée Owen, It Hardly Computes
button Renée Owen, The Sea Lion
button Pravat Kumar Padhy, Salt to Taste
button Tom Painting, Cyclorama
button Patricia Prime, The Tyrant
button Ray Rasmussen, Twice in the Kurimoto Garden
button Dian Duchin Reed, The Forever Sharp French Chef’s Knife
button Dian Duchin Reed, The LED Lip Rejuvenator
button Michael Rehling, gonna blow a fifty amp fuse
button Michael Rehling, just my imagination running away with me
button Bryan Rickert, Mini Me
button Bryan Rickert, Just Like Her Mom
button Alexis Rotella, Inside the morgue
button Patricia Sammon, Six Seeds
button Adelaide Shaw, Garden Design
button Yesha Shah, Moon Halo
button Yesha Shah, Pareidolia
button Christine Taylor, I Don’t Know What Love Looks Like
button Rebecca Vedavathy, This Is to Ask You To
button Lew Watts, Hiraeth
button Diana Webb, Holy Day of Obligation
button Simon Wilson, Seven Thousand Mornings
button Simon Wilson, Clockwork Birds and Sausage Rolls
button Rich Youmans, Atlantic City Ephemera
button Rich Youmans, Fresh Paint

Tanka Prose: Janet Lynn Davis, Editor

button Steve Andrews, The Suitcase
button Jenny Ward Angyal, Original Sin
button Michelle Brock, Below the Surface
button Michelle Brock, A Moment of Weakness
button Susan Constable, Two Sons, Two Suicides
button Janet Lynn Davis, Somewhere
button Tish Davis, While Looking for Saddle Mountain
button Rebecca Drouilhet, Missing a Piece
button Claire Everett, The Final Straw
button Amelia Fielden, Assumptions
button Richard Grahn, The Last Exit
button Gerry Jacobson, On the Acquisition of Walnuts
button Alex Jankiewicz, Nothing Is Lost
button Kala Ramesh, I Waited Long
button Adelaide B. Shaw, The Scent of You
button Charles D. Tarlton, The Night of the Mononoke
button Charles D. Tarlton, An Architectural Drawing by F L Wright
button Shernaz Wadia, Rock Stars of the Outback
button Jeffrey Woodward, The Trial of Dorothy Talbye, 1638
button John Zheng, Mississippi John Hurt



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