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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 12, Number 3, September 2018



In Memoriam: Angelee Deodhar

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Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

button Tony Beyer, Review of From the Cottage of Visions, Compiled by Stephen Henry Gill
button Claire Everett, Tanka Prose, Tanka Tradition: An Interview with Jeffrey Woodward
button David Read, Review of Paresh Tiwari's Raindrops Chasing Raindrops
button Lew Watts, Saying Less to Mean More
button Amanda Bell, Review of Rochelle Potkar's Paper Asylum: Prose Poems

Editor's Challenge #2: Let's do it again for this issue!

Results from Editor's Challenge #1
button Jo Balisteri on Mary Ahearn's "Lament"
button Theresa A. Cancro on Michael Dylan Welch's “Something Lost”
button Angelee Deodhar on Bob Lucky's “On a Journey”
button J Hahn Doleman on Hiroshi Matsuoka's “Alone in a Train Car”
button Bill Gottlieb on Sonam Chhoki's “Everything and Nothing”
button Gerry Jacobson on Marcyn Del Clements’ “Dream of the Old Dads”
button Cyndi Lloyd on Michael Dylan Welch's “Something Lost”
button Martin Locock on Hiroshi Matsuoka's “Alone in a Train Car”
button Dorothy Mahoney on Patricia Prime's “Twilight”
button Peter Newton on Marge Piercy's “Power to the People”
button Dian Duchin Reed on Terri L. French's “Frequency”
button Adelaide Shaw on Mary Ahearn's "Lament"

Haibun: Melissa Allen, Terri French, Rich Youmans & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button Deidra Greenleaf Allan, Moriko Teahouse, 21st Station
button Steve Andrews, At the Headwaters of the Colorado
button Ludmila Balabanova, A Private Conversation
button Gabriel Bates, Once Again
button Amanda Bell, Wintering
button Matthew Caretti, The Rest Is Unseen
button Anna Cates, Status Quo
button Anna Cates, Through the Trees
button Salil Chaturvedi, Out of Character
button Salil Chaturvedi, The Echo
button Thomas Chockley, Known Unknowns
button Margaret Chula, Early November
button Margaret Chula, For Rent
button Marcyn Del Clements, In the Lemon-Scented Geraniums
button Glenn G. Coats, Romeo and Juliet
button Martin Duguay, Life in the Country
button Lynn Edge, My Great-Grandmother Tells Her Side
button Claire Everett, Windrush
button Mark Forrester, Letting Go
button Mark Forrester, The Waning
button Terri French, War Bride
button Tim Gardiner, Dolphins Don’t Lie
button Mark Gilbert, Perfect Storm
button Bill Gottlieb, After Burying Another
button Richard Grahn, Cabin Fever
button Praniti Gulyani, Dusted Skies
button Praniti Gulyani, Running Thread
button Ruth Holzer, Gypsy’s Bakery & Restaurant
button Elizabeth Howard, April Morning
button Marilyn Humbert, Hope
button David Jacobs, The Runner
button Michael H. Lester, The Silk Road
button Chen-ou Liu, Darkness Visible
button Charlotte Mandel, The Last Farm Stand
button Ashish Narain, Malaria
button Peter Newton, Ace in the Hole
button Peter Newton, The Usher
button Renée Owen, High Summer
button Renée Owen, Shades of Earth
button Tom Painting, Winter Wonderland
button Joan Prefontaine, Going to Extremes
button Patricia Prime, Cinemas
button Geethanjali Rajan, Fitting In
button Kala Ramesh, The Returns
button Ray Rasmussen, Earitation
button Dian Duchin Reed, The Heart of Meditation
button Adelaide B. Shaw, Dawn Wake-Up
button Guy Simser, Potshot
button Christine Taylor, 1983
button Christine Taylor, In response to the voicemail you left me ...
button Louise Viera, Nuno Burns the Photos
button Lew Watts, 4th of July
button Diana Webb, A Wish to Thrive
button Harriot West, Two Lies and a Truth

Tanka Prose: Janet Lynn Davis, Editor

button Steve Andrews, Final Things
button Jenny Ward Angyal, Founding Fathers
button Gabriel Bates, Tissue
button Janet Lynn Davis, Dangling by a Twig
button Claire Everett, Our Colours to the Mast
button Amelia Fielden, Watching the Waves
button Tim Gardiner, On the Shelf
button Hazel Hall, Violets and Vinegar
button Gerry Jacobson, Dickson Deserted
button Carol Judkins, Trick or Treat
button Michael H. Lester, A Poet's Mark
button Chen-ou Liu, The Distance of Love
button Patricia Prime, Lavender Fields
button Carol Raisfeld, A Hollow Place
button Adelaide B. Shaw, Secrets
button Adelaide B. Shaw, Promises
button Kathryn J. Stevens, Cat's Cradle
button Charles D. Tarlton, Negative Capability
button John Zheng, Ways of Communication



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