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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 12, Number 2, June 2018



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button Editor's Challenge: Do a Personalized Commentary for Our Next Issue
button Example: A Personalized Commentary on Glenn Coats' "Mentor"

Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

button Tony Beyer, Review of Marshall Hyrciuk’s Haibun Hotels
button Tony Beyer, Review of Kala Ramesh’s Beyond the Horizon Beyond
button Patricia Prime, Review of Steven Carter's Broken
button Patricia Prime, Review of Robert Davey’s Resewing Sunlight
button Patricia Prime, Review of Noragh Jones’ The Dog of Darkness
button Patricia Prime, Review Maeve O’Sullivan’s Elsewhere

Haibun: Melissa Allen, Terri French, Rich Youmans & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button Mary Frederick Ahearn, Lament
button Elizabeth Alford, The Games We Play
button Jo Balistreri, Change
button Jo Balistreri, Cross Your Fingers
button Ingrid Bruck, Lunar Eclipse
button Matthew Caretti, With the Tide
button Salil Chaturvedi, Patio Dusk
button Sonam Chhoki, Everything and Nothing
button Glenn Coats, The Grapevine
button Glenn Coats, Mentor
button Angelee Deodhar, Vernal Equinox
button J. Hahn Doleman, Waiting for the Ferry
button Claire Everett, Nuthatch
button Mark Forrester, Florence
button James Fowler, New Hampshire to Idaho
button Terri L. French, Frequency
button Tim Gardiner, Refurb
button Bill Gottlieb, Improvements
button Richard Grahn, Aviary
button Tia Haynes, Rebirth
button Ruth Holzer, Knuckles
button Frank Hubeny, While Driving Home
button David Jacobs, 102
button Gerald Jacobson, The Underground Network
button Kathleen Kituai, Hard to Settle
button Chen-ou Liu, The Old Man Who Read Basho
button Hiroshi Matsuoka, Alone in a Train Car
button Chris Mooney-Singh, Lazy Zen
button Peter Newton, Ceremonial Release
button Peter Newton, What’s New
button Tom Painting, Vulcan
button Marge Piercy, Power to the People
button Patricia Prime, Twilight
button Ray Rasmussen, Ringside
button Dian Duchin Reed, Baby
button Dian Duchin Reed, Inside Out
button Kim Richardson, Sacred Landscape
button Bruce Ross, Biodiversity
button Alexis Rotella, No Thanks
button Tiffany Shaw-Diaz, One, Two…
button Tiffany Shaw-Diaz, Parallel Lines
button Crystal Simone Smith, Modern Paganism
button Christine Taylor, Ladybird
button Csilla Toldy, Piano Keys—The Linden
button Els van Leeuwen, Gretel
button Michael Dylan Welch, Something Lost
button Joshua Eric Williams, The Hastiness of Planting
button Rich Youmans, Odds
button J. Zimmerman, Birth
button J. Zimmerman, Questions to my Twin

Tanka Prose: Donna Buck, Guest Editor

button Steve Andrews, In an Ordinary World
button Anne Benjamin, Visit to the Home Country Travel Diary
button Donna Buck, Guardian Angels
button Marcyn Del Clements, Dream of the Old Dads
button Janet Lynn Davis, Evolution of a Painting
button Claire Everett, Wings
button Terri L. French, Excommunication
button Terri L. French, Loose Lips
button Elizabeth Howard, Stealing Home
button Gerry Jacobson, Beloved
button Keitha Keyes, Vietnam 101

button Michael H. Lester, Which Way Home?
button Joy McCall, Sheepfold
button Nu Quang, A Traveler
button Kala Ramesh, Paper Moon
button Adelaide Shaw, Lady Luck
button Christine Shook, Wild Horses
button Charles Tarlton, Was It Always Roses?
button Tiwari, Paresh, The Art of Disguise
button Tiwari, Paresh, The Mountains Are Barren
button Tompkins, Pat, Gun on the Wall
button Zimmerman, J., Legends from India



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