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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 12, Number 1, March 2018



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button New Editorial Team for Haibun and Guest Editor for Tanka Prose

Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

button Patricia Prime, Review of Steven Carter’s The Kraken Latitudes
button Patricia Prime, Review of All the Windows Lit by Rich Youmans
button Bill Waters, Review of Jeff Streeby’s Wile: Sketches from Nature
button Maxianne Berger, On Danièle Duteil’s Essay: Haibun and Tanka Prose in French

Haibun: Melissa Allen & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button Melissa Allen, A Little More
button Debbi Antebi, Winter and All the Rest
button Joseph Salvatore Aversano, Where We Get Our Dyes
button Munria Judith Avinger, Rusty Memory
button Stuart Barlow, Harriet and Me
button Chris Bays, Beyond the Bleating of Lambs
button Donna Buck, Ribbons
button Katherine Caine, In Her Own Words
button Pris Campbell, Betrayal
button Matthew Caretti, Wind
button Andrea Cecon, Russian Children
button Salil Chaturvedi, A Nose for Buddha
button Thomas Chockley, Daguerreotype
button Glenn G. Coats, Without You
button Lee Darling, XXs & Oh!
button Angelee Deodhar, By the Sea
button J Hahn Doleman, Cause and Effect
button Martin Duguay, Lament
button Garry Eaton, Icarus
button Lynn Edge, Roofs
button Gabriel Ertsgaard, Death of a Baseball Fan
button Claire Everett, Once Upon a Summer
button Erin Farias, Cold on the Shoulder
button Brian Fitch, The Weight of Mountains
button Marilyn Fleming, White Eye of a Crow
button Gary Ford, Three Moments
button Mary Ellen Gambutti, Hands of Love
button Gowtham Ganni, Puzzle
button Tim Gardiner, Out of Print
button Brian Glaser, Watching Nature Documentaries
button Ruth Holzer, Breath Returns to Origin
button Nancy Hull, My December Visitor
button Marilyn Humbert, Starman
button Gerry Jacobson, The Years
button Peter Jastermsky, Nightfall
button Ryan Jessup, A Moment of Color
button Iris Lee, Metamorphosis
button Cyndi Lloyd, What Remains
button Sally Long, April Snow
button Kendall Lott, I'll Take Mine Black – Perhaps
button Doris Lynch, First Deep Snow
button Jake McArthur, Halting in Halton Hills
button Michael Montreuil, Not a Word
button Satoko Murate, One day in Kyoto
button Mary Myers, A Slap of the Windmill
button Peter Newton, Whooping Creek Church Road
button Renée Owen, Transplants
button Alex Nielsen, River of Ice
button Patricia Prime, The 80s Party
button Ray Rasmussen, Space Junk & Spider Webs
button Dian Duchin Reed, Desert Exorcism
button Michael Rehling, Uncertain Healing
button Bruce Ross, The Brightness
button Aron Rothstein, Cold Comfort
button Debora Schwartz, Costumes and Lilies
button Adelaide B. Shaw, Tempted
button Richard Straw, The Longest Time
button Frank J. Tassone, Breathless Vanity
button Lew Watts, Shattered Illusions
button Diana Webb, White Windows
button Scott Wiggerman, Albuquerque Gracias
button Kath Abela Wilson, New Life
button Jeffrey Woodward, Peace and Plenty
button Rafał Zabratyński, Channel Hopping

Tanka Prose: Janet Lynn Davis, Editor

button Steve Andrews, Liberation
button Jenny Ward Angyal, The Intersection
button Marcyn Del Clements, Checking Off the Wants
button Janet Lynn Davis, Does He Or Doesn't He?
button Claire Everett, Nest
button Marilyn Fleming, Chasing Shadows
button Marilyn Humbert, Nightmare
button Gerry Jacobson, Granite Country
button Gary LeBel, About Jake
button Gary, LeBel, Knowledge
button Joy McCall, Barley
button Nu Quang, Waves Washing the Sands
button Adelaide B. Shaw, Animals at the Beach
button Adelaide B. Shaw, Drawing Blood
button Charles D. Tarlton, Viola Marie
button Charles D. Tarlton, In the Midden
button Kath Abela Wilson, Taking Over



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