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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 11, Number 4, December 2017



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button GENJUAN International Haibun Contest 2018

button ME TOO Anthology: Call for Poems (Editor Alexis Rotella)

Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

button Angelee Deodhar, On Her Haibun "Ratatouille"
button Gerry Jacobson, On His Tanka Prose “Leylines”
button Roger Jones, Haibun as Diary: A Review of Diane di Prima's "The Ones I Used to Laugh With: A Haibun Journal"
button Patricia Prime, Review of Andrea Cecon's Short: A Tiny-haibun Collection
button Patricia Prime, Review of Margaret Lane Dornaus' Prayer for the Dead: Collected Haibun & Tanka Prose
button Patricia Prime, Review of Steven Carter’s Honey of Generation: Haibun & Tanka Prose
button Cynthia Rowe, Review of Jeff Streeby’s Wile: Sketches from Nature

Haibun: Melissa Allen & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button Melissa Allen, Back to the Root
button Debbi Antebi, Dreamscape
button Chris Bays, Magnifying Glass
button Matthew Caretti, Desert Sun
button Anna Cates, Thin Ice
button Salil Chaturvedi, The Flow
button Thomas Chockley, Look Behind You!
button Marcyn Del Clements, Ice House Canyon
button Glenn A. Coats, Spring Thaw
button Angelee Deodhar, Lapsang souchong
button Martin Duguay, In Hindsight
button Claire Everett, Leave Day
button Terri L. French, His name is Wendy
button Tim Gardiner, The Water Between Us
button LeRoy Gorman, Blessed
button Bill Gottlieb, Experienced
button Charles Halsted, Breaking Eighty
button Jennifer Hambrick, Peckish
button Dan Hardison, Christmas Cat
button Ruth Holzer, Cabaret, rue Mouffetard, 1900
button Peter Jastermsky, Move or Die
button Roger Jones, Fire Tower Road
button Barbara Kaufmann, Caught
button David J Kelly, Not Letting Go
button Doris Lynch, The Other Side of the Moon
button Martha Magenta, Out on a Limb
button Charlotte Mandel, Oak Grove
button Jonathan McKeown, Street View Gallery
button Mary P. Myers, Wheat Pennies
button Peter Newton, Survival Instinct
button Sandy Nielsen, You've been Punct
button Tom Painting, Geomorphology
button Stella Pierides, End Note
button Patricia Prime, Pack Up Your Troubles
button Hawkelson Rainier, On Being Still
button Ray Rasmussen, Elsewhere
button Dave Reed, Franklin’s Expedition
button Michael Rehling, You Never Find Out . . .
button Bruce Ross, An Opening
button Aron Rothstein, Persistence of Memory
button Cynthia Rowe, Loire Valley
button Adelaide B. Shaw, George
button R J Sobel, A Helping Hand
button Guy Stephenson, Ballyarr Woods
button Kathryn J. Stevens, Running on Empty
button Frank J. Tassone II, Mowing and Remembrance
button Hansha Teki, Focal Point
button Pat Tompkins, My $2 Monet . . .
button Barbara Ungar, The Day after Sandy Hook
button Lew Watts, Idols
button Diana Webb, Visible for Miles
button John Zheng, The Bayou by the Home in the Woods

Tanka Prose: Janet Lynn Davis, Editor

button Jenny Ward Angyal, Roots
button Donna Buck, Guess Again
button Janet Lynn Davis, The Art of Gift Giving
button Claire Everett, Making Tracks
button Amelia Fielden, Another Morning
button Tim Gardiner, Hide and Seek
button Gerry Jacobson, Where Is East Prussia?
button Gary LeBel, Taol Maen (Dolmen)
button Chen-ou Liu, Changing Sides
button Joy McCall, Song of the Ancestors
button Rajani Radhakrishnan, Inevitable
button Aron Rothstein, One-Way Trip
button Adelaide B. Shaw, Fern Glen
button Christine Shook, November
button Kathryn J. Stevens, Coloring Outside the Lines
button Charles D. Tarlton, Renoir’s Bal du Moulin de la Galette
button Charles D. Tarlton, Whistler’s Red and Black: the Fan
button David Terelinck, Apron Strings
button Csilla Toldy, This Is Not a Love Song
button John Zheng, Unforgettable



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