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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 11, Number 2, June 2017




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Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

buttonJeff Streeby, A Review of Journeys 2017: An Anthology of International Haibun by Dr. Angelee Deodhar (Editor)
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, Marcel Duchamp’s "Nude Descending a Staircase #2": A Close Reading of a Tanka Prose
buttonRich Youmans, Telling Her Stories: Two Haibun by Fay Aoyagi

Haibun: Melissa Allen & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button Mary Frederick Ahearn, 1917-2017
button Johnny Baranski, Dog Days Dare
button Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Magpie
button Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Ships
button Owen Bullock, Broga, Bega
button Owen Bullock, from Las tals oov Masses Aroynghtbokkle
button Tony Burfield, Fox Trail Complexities
button Tony Burfield, Riptime
button Glenn Coats, The Saving of Prayers
button Lee Darling, What Might Have Been
button Angelee Deodhar, Basho in Baker Street
button Garry Eaton, Haibun 49
button Lynn Edge, For Our Son
button Claire Everett, Frost-Cups
button Claire Everett, Lucid
button Terri L. French, May 6, 1977
button Urszula Funnell, Mud, Wire and Poppies
button LeRoy Gorman, Non-Credit
button Bill Gottlieb, A Tricky Treatment
button Bob Haynes, Call Back After the Movie
button Gerry Jacobson, Descent
button Peter Jastermsky, Tiny Murders
button David Kelly, Washing Machine
button Tricia Knoll, Gray Fleece Hoodie
button Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, Embers
button Doris Lynch, The Hurdle of the First Word
button Scott Malmberg, Sapiosexual
button Charlotte Mandel, My Neighborhood
button Ian Mullins, Wreaths of Smoke
button Sharon Lask Munson, To a New Bride . . .
button Patricia Prime, A Day at the Seaside
button Geethanjali Rajan, Hatsuyume
button Ray Rasmussen, The Third Round
button Dave Read, Blank Verse
button Bruce Ross, In My Ears
button Alexis Rotella, The Last to Know
button Adelaide B. Shaw, Final Trip
button Richard Straw, A Time to Get, and a Time to Lose
button Anastasia Vassos, Epistle: Eight Years After

Tanka Prose: Janet Lynn Davis, Editor

button Jenny Ward Angyal, Nowhere to Go
button Donna Buck, The Ninth Step
button Janet Lynn Davis, Clouds
button Claire Everett, Brigid's Fire
button Amelia Fielden, The Rhythm of Life
button Tim Gardiner, Elizabeth
button Marilyn Humbert, SS Argo Seeker-Class
button Gerry Jacobson, No Pain, No Gain
button Keitha Keyes, Afternoon in Kyoto
button Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, (Sh)angri-la
button Michael H. Lester, When the Core Gets Rotten
button Chen-ou Liu, A Stranger in a Land of Strangers
button Marietta Jane McGregor, The Bridesmaid's Story
button Dru Philippou, Caramanian Mountains
button Sandra Renew, Turning the Pages
button Adelaide B. Shaw, My Comeback Roses
button John Zheng, Leadership Retreat



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