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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 10, Number 4, December 2016



Announcement: Staff Changes at Haibun Today

Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews: Patricia Prime, Editor

buttonDavid Landis Barnhill, A Commentary on "Ten Foot Square Hut."
buttonAnne Benjamin, On Paresh Tiwari's "Fossils"
buttonPatricia Prime, On Giselle Maya's Cicada Chant
buttonRay Rasmussen, Issa’s Humanity and Humour
buttonRich Youmans, Poet's Choice: The Story Behind "The Light"

Haibun: Melissa Allen & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

buttonSara Abend-Sims, Real
buttonMary Frederick Ahearn, Evenings
buttonPratima Balabhadrapathruni, A Tale of Two Kitchens
buttonJohnny Baranski, Whipped Cream
buttonDavid Landis Barnhill, Ten Foot Square Hut
buttonRoberta Beary, Benchmark
buttonMatthew Robb Brown, Dirt Piles
buttonTony Burfield, Cold Sweats
buttonPeter Butler, The House Round the Corner
buttonTheresa A. Cancro, Voiceless
buttonAnna Cates, Evening
buttonMarcyn Del Clements, Western Fence Lizard
buttonGlenn Coats, Near Good Luck Point
buttonTish Davis, The Red Bow
buttonAngelee Deodhar, Ensō
buttonGarry Eaton, Comb Over
buttonLynn Edge, Generations Pass
buttonClaire Everett, Doakes
buttonIgnatius Fay, Meltdown
buttonGeorges Friedenkraft, Metamorphoses
buttonAnita Guenin, Map
buttonJennifer Hambrick, Booze Run
buttonKalyana Hapsari, Unspoken Words
buttonBob Haynes, Instead of a Gold Watch
buttonNancy Hull, Zoom Yummers
buttonMarilyn Humbert, Drought
buttonGerry Jacobson, Dreaming Room
buttonAlexander Jankiewicz, Winter Escape
buttonEmmanual Jessie Kalusian, One Day at School
buttonPranav Kodial, Inertia
buttonIris Lee, Found Art

buttonChen-ou Liu, Another Year
buttonAlison Lock, Fly Like a Swallow
buttonBob Lucky, If You're Robbed . . .
buttonDoris Lynch, Secrets
buttonCharlotte Mandel, Dreamers
buttonHiroshi Matsuoka, Chrysanthemums
buttonJonathan McKeown, Remnant
buttonSatoko Murate, Caterpillar
buttonMary P. Myers, Dog-eared Journal
buttonCarol Ann Palomba, Wedding Belles
buttonMatthew Paul, On Randomly Opening the A to Z
buttonStella Pierides, Being Remembered
buttonBrijesh Raj, Incidental Dad
buttonGeethanjali Rajan, Interspace
buttonKala Ramesh, Coffee Blossom
buttonRay Rasmussen, Cinnamon Bark
buttonMichael Rehling, Visionary Heat
buttonBruce Ross, Shooing
buttonAlexis Rotella, Not Giving a Fig
buttonCynthia Rowe, The Embankment
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, An Introduction
buttonGuy Simser, To Our Village-home Buyer
buttonKathryn J. Stevens, Sudden Squall
buttonFrank J. Tassone, Lost Keys and Found Coins
buttonJennifer Thiermann, Choose Your Color
buttonParesh Tiwari, The Songbirds
buttonEls van Leeuwen, Legacy
buttonAnastasia Vassos, Eye of the Needle
buttonDiana Webb, Literacy
buttonJeffrey Woodward, Abridged
buttonJohn Zheng, Extra Toppings

Tanka Prose: Jeffrey Woodward, Editor

buttonMarcyn Del Clements, Crossing Over
buttonJanet Lynn Davis, Artifacts
buttonClaire Everett, Route 71
buttonAutumn Noelle Hall, Scarlet and Gold
buttonMarilyn Humbert, Long Paddock
buttonGerry Jacobson, Railway Tracks
buttonGary LeBel, Song for William the Red
buttonGary LeBel, Um Mitternacht

buttonChen-ou Liu, Re-Homing
buttonPatricia Prime, Beijing Bookshop
buttonCharles Tarlton, Righteousness
buttonCharles Tarlton, The Trouble with Constable's Cloudscapes
buttonBarbara Taylor, The Lost Ladies
buttonJeffrey Woodward, The Late Afternoon of Basil O
buttonJohn Zheng, Wandering Mind



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