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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 7, Number 4, December 2013


Susan Nelson
Mayodan, North Carolina, USA


Setting on a pot of chicken to cook, the stove’s heat releases the signature scent of the side meat fried there a few meals ago. I washed down that stovetop when cleaning the rest of the kitchen after supper that night. There are certain things that cling to a person’s fiber too, no matter how hard they scrub. I wonder how much is enough?

broke down town—
a hound
digs its napping hole

The Pentecostals bought that corner lot several years ago so they must have finally saved enough money to begin construction of a new church. It’s a large piece of property and they’ll doubtless enjoy stretching their legs a bit after sitting in the cramped, hard pews of their old sanctuary. Saving souls must be hard work. And there aren’t a lot of Pentecostals around here . . . yet.

red slash
of excavation—
one more church

Our town’s freshest news is that a lot of jobs will soon be created by yet another gun maker wanting to increase its production capacity in our midst. They say they like our friendly atmosphere. They say they value our collective skills. They say they want to lift our mean family incomes. Maybe the bootleggers ought to ramp up production too.

volunteer daisy field
one season short
of bloom



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