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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 7, Number 4, December 2013


Judson Evans
Holbrook, Massachusetts, USA

from Japan Journal

Packing and packing, pocket change of Euros, yen, and Canadian dollars . . . the transubstantiation of travel . . . folding dirty socks in a tighter configuration at the tips of the plastic bag from the bonsai museum containing dirty underwear . . . train tickets, tram tickets, airline tickets . . . wrapping a 5 yen umbrella inside a samurai t-shirt inside the bonsai calendar . . . placing Japanese stamps with French stamps inside the glassine envelope for soup mix inside the case for sunglasses. Never enough phrase books, guidebooks, adapters . . . sending everything off to the airport and going out into the untranslatable rainy street with empty backpack . . .

living treasure/ flirting with the young girls/ Karaoke

Tatami Skyscraper
Tokyo—breakneck robotic popup book, tool and die maker's appropriation of origami, fish bones poking through silk, fire-engine Eiffel tower outside the history of arches. Hello Storage, Iron Wave Hotel, Hotel Hand's, Rich Hotel, Soft Bank Tower, Sky Tree. Chimeras. Backward swastikas on Shinto shrines. English disappears into captured phonemes repurposed like Chinese kanji. Most authentic and alive in the embrace of purposeful destructions; here, where a host of earth movers and cranes hollow out the shell of a gargantuan skyscraper like wasps dissecting a grasshopper, and smog and the pillowy air of the rainy season dab their healing swab in the cavity.

Tokyo subway/ the punk couple enters/ my manga daydream

White Paper Chain

Watching as the stream sluices massive rock, I notice despite the roar and foam, a zone around one boulder where the surface is unperturbed—white line of foam that fits the contour between the rock's underwater ballast and dry island above. It bisects but brings the halves to active conjunction. The line tugs; it draws in -as space- and out -as time. This lasso of foam circumscribing and mediating above and below, movement and stillness.

Shinto shrine/ tension of rope/ around a stone



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