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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 7, Number 2, June 2013


Marilyn Humbert
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Light and Shade

Into my life you bluster, cloaked in the untamed wind from the Summerland. I am under your spell, your prisoner.

I like to be organized. I like time-lines and lists. Under my bed, my secrets are filed in order, sealed in boxes. I find comfort in patches of darkness.

lightning at dusk
splashes of scarlet—
pomegranate juice drips
from my lover’s lips

I am a leaf carried in ripples and whirls of a flooding stream. I sing with rock cascades, laugh with grass stems.

from the east
a restlessness
like wind
in the leaves
we part and touch

Listen: the moonbeams are talking. Echoes drift between light and shade. I watch the stars, and wait for their gleaming to caress my outstretched hand.

slick with drizzle
we slide
between the shadows
of night and morning



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