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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 7, Number 1, March 2013


Geoffrey Winch
Felpham, West Sussex, U.K.

The Mercurial Coventry Apollo

It began life as the "New Hippodrome" in '37; survived the Blitz; became the "Coventry Theatre" in '55, only to be renamed the "Coventry Apollo" in '79.

always Art Deco cool
from the sixties
its heart beat with rock 'n' roll

We weren't there in November '67 when Jimi played "Hey Joe" and "Purple Haze," but felt his vibe ever since. Just made it, though, for two of Bowie's faces—Major Tom and Ziggy Stardust (with the Spiders from Mars)—the night the auditorium took off and cruised through the stars. Went then to hear the Cat talk, strum and chant through his three hour set—soundly our small daughter slept but she woke when she heard "The Peace Train's Coming." A stirring performance from Errol Brown's Hot Chocolate mix—it ended with "It Started with a Kiss." But 'twas Freddie who really strutted, glittered and rhapsodised until, in a pyrotechnic blaze, Queen left the stage "In the Lap of the Gods."

as the millennium turned
no blue plaque to record
rock music lived"



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