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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 7, Number 1, March 2013


Ed Markowski
Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

Letters Between Comrades


Today, Barack Obama awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom to Miss T Morrison, a female basketball coach from Tennessee who won more games in her career than John Wooden, Dean Smith, Phog Allen, and the All American Racist Adolph Rupp, Miss Morrison, story teller, novelist, poet, and teacher whose black words on white paper glow grander than the midnight stars, a Jewish kid from Minnesota's Iron Range whose turpentine voice and sandpaper songs stripped away layers of lies beneath rust rotted facades, and to Delores H who helped her friend Cesar prove to the world that heads of lettuce and bunches of grapes can be far more powerful than cluster bombs. If that's not enough, Our Favorite Martian also scored gold I think the whole scene says that after forty-five years the revolution was won on May twenty-ninth 2012, if only for one day.


* * *


Watching our African American President award the Medal Of Freedom to Pat Summers, Toni Morrison, Bob Dylan, Delores Huerta, and that Martian John Glenn was absolutely amazing. That scene makes having had our asses kicked by Dick Nix Pricks in DC four days after after the massacre on 5/4, being in jail because no reason was reason enough, and all the tear gas we inhaled well worth it. Now, if you and I could stop despising Mormons, Baptists, Evangelists, and Faith Healers, we'd be living in a perfect world.


Across The Great Divide A Bald Man Combs His Beard



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