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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 6, Number 4, December 2012


Peter Butler
London, England

The Chair

The lifts to the top deck are good. She’s better by the day at manoeuvering his chair. A young man, big-bodied, he’s learned to adjust his knees as the doors close. She steers him to the tea room. A pretty girl, quite tiny with strong arms, and a floral dress she wore on honeymoon.

He pours tea, arranges plates, offers sandwiches, anything involving upper-body movement. They split a newspaper, she the family pages, he the sport. Occasionally he catches her expression as it strays from the radar, focusing on a void.

Then he remembers how the terraces used to explode as he wrestled the ball over the line.

cheering him on
then the blackness.



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