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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 6, Number 2, June 2012


Gerry Jacobson
Canberra, Capital Territory, Australia

The Dark Haired Girl

There is a different reality in 1920s Germany. It's nearly always summer in the photos and this smiling dark haired girl is by a Baltic beach with friends year after year. People smiled, swam and sunbathed in the years of the Weimar Republic. Little did they know what lay ahead.

Here she is again: Fraulein in a family home, piano in the background. And in school photos she is one of just two or three dark haired girls in a class of twenty blondes. What was it like to be Jewish in a German classroom of the 1920s? Did Jewish children really think they were German?

Later, she is escorted by young men. Who were they? What became of them? Some of the scenes might be farewell gatherings, because it all came to an end in 1933. Hitler came to power. Fraulein found refuge in England. And never saw her family and friends again.

the dark haired girl
smiles in old black and white
little knowing
that she would become my mother

Note: The tanka "the dark haired girl" was first published in Gusts 14 (2011).



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