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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 6, Number 1, March 2012


Lynn Edge
Tivoli, Texas, USA

Simple Pleasures

After a long recovery from a knee injury, I walk down a street lined with boutiques and eateries. Going inside isn't possible because my schnauzer, Becca, is with me. Two small girls, maybe five and seven, rush from a shop.

"Daddy, Daddy, look at that cute little dog," they shout in unison.

I don't encourage anyone, especially children to pet my dog. But seeing their excitement, I say, "You can pet her if you want."

The children kneel beside Becca. The older one puts both hands on the dog's head while the younger child makes do with the back. Twenty tiny fingers play over the eleven pound body.

"Becca, time to go," I say.

She looks up at me. She wants to obey, but can't figure out how to extradite herself from those hands. A shop keeper, watching from the doorway, puts Becca's expression into words, "Momma, a lotta of lovin going on here!"

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