Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 5, Number 3, September 2011

Cherie Hunter Day
Cupertino, California, USA


Barnacle Bill

During the last Ice Age a retreating glacier plunked this boulder down in the middle of a cobblestone beach. It was the size of an old console TV and large enough to be seen well before we made our final descent through bayberry bushes and rose brambles on the crumbling bluff. This rock deserved a name. It was our tidal gauge. If only a couple of bald inches remained visible there wouldn't be enough beach for our towels. If we could discern the crusty shoulder wrap of barnacles or see the amber flash of a rockweed skirt, we had a couple of hours of sunning.

just offshore
the fronds of giant kelp
waving, waving
as if they know us
and want us to return


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