Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 5, Number 1, March 2011

Katherine Samuelowicz
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


reading her poetry

I'm reading her poetry she doesn't know the war she is a year older than me she never saw it she didn't grow up in a country of shifting borders her country drew borders and filled them in pink on maps proclaiming its possessions it was her country with two others that drew the political geographical ideological borders within which I lived she never saw the city razed to the ground when the last urban guerrillas finally surrendered to the Nazis after 63 days of the Warsaw uprising she wasn't taken to Auschwitz on a school excursion and didn't have to walk along the ramp where once trains brought people in cattle trucks to the extermination camp or to look at lamp shades made of human skin or at the mountains of reading glasses clothes hair

again summer streets
my teacher
holds back
my long dark pleats
while I vomit







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