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Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
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Volume 13, Number 4, December 2019

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Adelaide B. Shaw
Somers, NY, USA

Nights In White Satin

It’s not just the music, the minor key plaintive sound or the voice, the anguished cry of longing, or the words, a soulful declaration of love. It’s all one piece, one compelling surge of raw emotion. It lingers in the memory, replaying at odd moments, unsettling, piercing one’s equilibrium and soul, shattering one’s peace so hard come by.

I play the song
knowing it disturbs and hurts
knowing and needing
there is a solace in pain
there is hope for acceptance

Author’s Note: The title is a song by the Moody Blues

Editor’s Note: I have a similar love for this song. I composed a haiku in 2019 on the Isle of Wight where they played at the famous festival in 1969:

satin moon
oh, how I love you
summer nights