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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 13, Number 1, March 2019

Matthew Caretti
Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, USA

The Sky Is Falling

We race neck and neck. A brief intersect of our disparate paths. But my horses overcome theirs. A simple matter of numbers rather than skill or power. More than two hundred to three. A Land Cruiser versus a trio of Basotho ponies. Their riders in woven hats and thick shawls. Bareback. Me in a soft leather seat, old jeans and a Phillies cap turned backwards. I pass them by all too soon.

touching the sun
last ride
of the dying chief

They continue on to the funeral vigil while I turn off the worn track toward my windblown home. A final bit of sky settles red in the donga’s wet season shimmer. The shepherds and their flocks have long departed this open plain. A single mule now alone on the horizon. Unmoving. And so the earth and sky move around him. I envy his stillness. Wonder at what I have lost. At what I may never find.

bare acacia
just one
African wagtail

Note: Donga is an Afrikaans cognate of the original Zulu and refers to a dry, eroded watercourse running only in times of heavy rain.



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