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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 11, Number 4, December 2017

Roger Jones
New Braunfels, Texas, USA

Fire Tower Road

The trees are sparse – a few yellow leaves. The sky is mostly pale blue, with low, torn clouds. After some searching, we find the lookout tower on a bluff. A hundred shaky steps to the top – Chris and John just ahead, me paused halfway to watch a low cloud along the ridge scooting briskly toward us, engulfing us almost at once. Everything turns instantly white, moist, in motion. Sunlight illuminates the fog. The tower hums like a tuning fork. I grip the metal framing – the cool swirling energy of clouds.

tear along the fold
of the road map
a creek with no name



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