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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 11, Number 4, December 2017

Bill Gottlieb
Loch Lomond, California, USA


The broken wing hung down like a cast of doom, and the fledgling predictably died.

The nest had been under an eave where we walked every day, watching the three chicks gorge.

Two earlier nests had collapsed, scattered.

Then my winning wife glued a wicker wreath to the procreative spot; Pa happily added and padded, and Ma laid.

Today another junior hops to the lip of a fountain, tipples, partying with the afternoon.

Uphill the blue begetter mimics a red-tailed hawk, trying to trick his current innocents into surviving.

I listen and learn, likewise alive.

a little bird in a cardboard box
the many coffins I’ve seen



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