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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 10, Number 1, March 2016


Autumn N. Hall
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, USA

Bon Appétit

wafting with cinnamon
Mother’s Day pickings
Dad teaching me to cut
chilled butter into crust

The man who deemed his French-style scrambled eggs “world famous” brags that he’s “invented” a new side dish: diced onions, mushrooms and boiled potatoes browned in real butter and olive oil. I want to tease him about the omnipotence involved in inventing potatoes; but since mom died and left her kitchen entirely to him, I’m just so relieved he’s eating.

the red plate that says
you are special today
not fine china
but everyday settings and
buttering-up we long for . . .

I once saw an interview with culinary hero, Julia Child, in which viewers were permitted a glimpse of her fridge. The icebox of the chef who taught us the meaning of Coq au Vin contained only two doggie bags, a lemon half, chopped onions, and a tupperware of lobster meat.

buttered rolls
toasted to hold
lobster salad
what we make of the nothing
leftover to us

Dad and Julia are both gone now. I like to imagine them bumping into one another in heaven’s kitchen. From time to time, I catch them in mine, lifting a pot lid to see what I’m inventing. We three heartily agree that, “people are too afraid of a little butter these days.”*

Author’s Note: * Cooking expert Martha Culbertson, quoting Julia Child.



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