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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 10, Number 1, March 2016


Matthew Caretti
Flushing, New York, USA

Elemental Trembling
Mount Evans Wilderness, Colorado

We set out from the trailhead. Continue deep into the forest. Climb to where the aspen quake along the ridge.

mountain breeze
old boundary fence
here and there
the stubborn memory of
some place half-known

On the shadow side, black within black. Yet some evidence of life. New roots sprout after wildfires.

scorched earth
odd echoes echo
in the ravine
opening to the sky
a tangle of contrails

We press on. Set up camp by the day’s last light. Fasten cords to white trunks. Natives and early pioneers made medicine of the bark.

shaft of sun
a trailside nip
warms within
as wood becomes fire
becomes a familiar glow

The stillness wakes us. Early shadows play on the tent roof. Branches stretch to the new light. Their every scar and knot a copy of the others.

our laughter
the residue of past lives
glazes the present
on each leaf
heavy dew settling



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