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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 10, Number 1, March 2016


Giselle Maya
St. Martin de Castillon, Provence, France

Sewing on a button

a button found with a red volcanic center waiting to be re-sewn

sewing a button onto pants made of finely woven brown wool with a spiffy cut designed in the Basque Country by skunkfunk

first to find the button among a collection kept in a wooden box taken from clothes long given away or worn out

wondering to what clothes they once belonged dating back to times when Jack Ma and Elon Musk were perhaps not born

these buttons kept in a box inside a rattan sewing duck may have held conferences on how to ameliorate the fate of humans on this planet

free energy for all Tesla said even on tiny islands in the Pacific and the vast deserts of Asia in jungles and slums everywhere people could plug in start cooking listening washing—whatever they wanted

but first you need a few solar panels to capture the sun’s energy and a battery to store it—well let them all have the powerwall battery invented by elon

this train of thought came to no conclusion and the button was not found

when suddenly I thought to search all the pockets of this pantalon and voilà there the button was napping in the back pocket

and so it was sewn on with black double thread together with another loose button hanging on for dear life

confident that the button conference will soon bear fruit so that we shall have free energy for all as genius Nicola Tesla envisioned so long ago

with a gentle smile
he loved a white pigeon



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