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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 10, Number 1, March 2016


Amanda Bell
Dublin, Ireland

Little Dargle

The Little Dargle rivulet rises above Ticknock at Fairy Castle, ducks into a culvert near Loreto Park, and continues unseen towards Póg valley, where it meets a small branch course and runs briefly overground in the Badger’s Glen beside Landscape Road.

beneath the cooling earth—
dusk on the river

The stream runs the length of this small park, then flows underground once more, converging with the Castle Stream and joining the Dodder River by Lord Ely’s Gate, an imposing arch which was one of the entrances to Rathfarnham Castle during the eighteenth-century. In 1841 the body of a murdered Italian organ grinder, Domenico Garibaldi, was found in front of the gate. No one was convicted of the killing.

A stone’s throw uphill is Orwell Park, where in the late 1950s a young man arrived from Burma. He came to find the father of his father, an employee of the Indian Civil Service who had died by suicide during the Japanese advance in 1942. How he found his Irish family was never known. My great-grandfather turned him from the door.

bursting upwards
from Victorian culverts—
murky water



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