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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmusssen, General Editor


Haibun & Tanka Prose Resources


  Date Title
button Nov. 22, 2007 Haibun Today? And Your Point Would Be ... ?
button Dec. 16, 2007 On the Road Alone: Haibun Today, Haibun Tomorrow
button March 12, 2008 Haibun Tomorrow? Maybe, Maybe Not
button Sept. 25, 2008 Tanka Prose and Haibun Today
button Nov. 9, 2008 Haibun Today: One Year Later
button Nov. 9, 2009 The Survival of Haibun Today
button March 1, 2010 An Invitation to Haibun Today
button Dec. 1, 2010 A Question of Form
button March 1, 2011 Signposts, Milestones and the Haibun Journey
button March 1, 2012 Haibun Today: A Look Back, A Look Ahead
button June 1, 2012 Editing Haibun & Tanka Prose: Current Prospects

Essays & Commentaries

  Author Title
button Dave Bacharach On Linda Jeannette Ward's "Portraiture"
button David Landis Barnhill A Commentary on "Ten Foot Square Hut"
button Anne Benjamin On Glenn G. Coats' "Last House on the Left"
button Anne Benjamin On Paresh Tiwari's "Fossils"
button Peter Butler Writing Haibun in the Freedoms of Suburbia
button Steven Carter On His Haibun "Ode"
button Kirsten Cliff On Her Tanka Prose "The Taste of My Tongue"
button Glenn G. Coats On His Haibun "Fields to Plow"
button Glenn G. Coats On “A Change of Address” by Ken Jones
button Glenn G. Coats On “Homeless in the Universe” by Bill Wyatt
button Glenn G. Coats On "Honour and Glory" by Ken Jones
button David Cobb A Few Timely Heresies About English Haibun
button David Cobb A Technical Note on Haibun Prose
button David Cobb Some Personal Ideas About Writing Haibun
button David Cobb Transmissions of Haibun
button Tish Davis On Ray Rasmussen's "Fly Fishing"
button Tish Davis On Gary LeBel's “White Azaleas”
button Angelee Deodhar On Her Haibun "Ratatouille"
button Danièle Duteil Haibun and Tanka Prose in French
button Charles Hansmann Haibun Poem: A Definition
button Charles Hansmann Haibunesque
button Jeffrey Harpeng Commentary on Dru Philippou's "Inner Realism"
button Jeffrey Harpeng On Finding Hope
button Jeffrey Harpeng The Jazz of Pilgrimage
button Jeffrey Harpeng The Ghost in the Haibun
button Ruth Holzer On Chen-ou Liu's "A Room of His Own"
button Graham High Postscript to Travelling Light
button Gerry Jacobson On His Tanka Prose “Leylines”
button Ken Jones Haibun: Some Concerns
button Jim Kacian A Brief Overview of the Origins of Haibun in English
button Keitha Keyes A Commentary on my haibun, “Afternoon in Kyoto”
button Tracy Koretsky Haibun Sans Haiku, Experiment and Commentary
button Ingrid Kunschke Continental Breakfasts—On McClintock's "Before Croissants & Coffee" & a Poem by Fontane
button Ingrid Kunschke “Forget-Me-Nots": Balancing Minds and Modes
button Gary LeBel Furrows in Fine Sand: Descriptions of Nature by Eugene Delacroix
button Chen-ou Liu Make Haibun New through the Chinese Poetic Past: Basho's Transformation
button Chen-ou Liu What Happens in [David Cobb’s Conception of] Haibun: A Critical Study . . .
button Bob Lucky On Steven Carter’s “In the Crowd”: The Haibun as Essay
button Bob Lucky Topic Unknown: My Beginnings in Tanka Prose
button Stanley Pelter Notes on "one show one drawing only"
button Dru Philippou Entering the Mystery of "Hipólito, the Herder"
button Patrick M. Pilarski An Exploration of the Audio Haibun
button Patricia Prime Notes on Ray Rasmussen’s "Commentary on Bashō’s “Hiraizumi.”
button Patricia Prime Editing Haibun & Tanka Prose: A Haibun Today Colloquium
button Patricia Prime Getting the Words Out: The Collaborative Poetry of Catherine Mair & Patricia Prime
button Patricia Prime “White & Red”: My Beginnings in Tanka Prose
button Patricia Prime The Note-taking Habit
button Ray Rasmussen A Personalized Commentary on Glenn Coats' "Mentor"
button Ray Rasmussen A Title is a Title is a Title, or is it? – The Unexplored Role of Titles in Haibun
button Ray Rasmussen Characteristics of Contemporary English-language Haibun
button Ray Rasmussen Commentary on Bashō’s “Hiraizumi”
button Ray Rasmussen Harriot West and Minimalist Haibun
button Ray Rasmussen Is It Possible for Non-Poets to Write Haibun?
button Ray Rasmussen Issa’s Humanity and Humour
button Ray Rasmussen On Ken Jones' "An Existential Encounter"
button Ray Rasmussen The Role of Modeling in Haibun Composition
button Bruce Ross Flow of Sensibility and Privileging the Link in Haibun
button Cynthia Rowe Commentary on Owen Bullock's "Rotorua"
button Cynthia Rowe Commentary on Peter Butler's ". . . And Now for the Weather Forecast"
button Bamboo Shoot A Note on the Use of Present Tense in Haibun
button Mark Smith Hidden Visions: Embedded Haiku in Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums
button Richard Straw Background Story, or Would You Like Prose with That Haiku?
button Richard Straw Haibun: It's a Family Thing
button Richard Straw On Ruth Holzer's "Bruehl"
button Richard Straw Retrospective Haibun or Why I Love the Past
button Richard Straw Writing One Tanka, or Would You Like Prose with That Tanka?
button Jeff Streeby A Close Reading of "Journeys," a haibun by Paresh Tiwari
button Jeff Streeby On the structure of Guy Simser's haibun "Winter Solstice"
button Jeff Streeby A Close Reading of Bill Waters' "The Western Front, 2015"
button Charles Tarlton Art and Memory: On Stanley Pelter’s “Arc Walk”
button Charles Tarlton Memoir of an American Tanka-Prose
button Charles Tarlton Toward a Theory and Practice of Tanka-Prose
button Charles Tarlton Marcel Duchamp’s "Nude Descending a Staircase #2": A Close Reading of a Tanka Prose
button Lew Watts Saying Less to Mean More
button Diana Webb Notes on "Sceptred Isles"
button Jeffrey Winke Bookend Haibun: An Experiment Using Mirror Prose
button Jeffrey Woodward Form in Haibun: An Outline
button Jeffrey Woodward Haibun Minus Haiku
button Jeffrey Woodward Prose and Verse in Tandem: Haibun and Tanka Prose
button Jeffrey Woodward Thinking It Through or A Few Innocent Questions: One Relation of Haiku to Prose in Haibun
button Rich Youmans Can a Haibun Live Without Its Haiku? A Personal Exploration into the Prose of Haibun
button Rich Youmans More Than the Sum of Its Parts: Explorations in Contemporary Haibun
button Rich Youmans On Melissa Allen's "The Shape of Water"
button Rich Youmans Poet's Choice: The Story Behind "The Light"
button Rich Youmans Telling Her Stories: Two Haibun by Fay Aoyagi
button Brian Zimmer On “Fortuna” by Charles Tarlton
button Brian Zimmer The Tanka Sequence & Tanka-Prose as Introduction to Tanka


  Interviewee Title Interviewer
button Janice M. Bostok Stepping Stones Sharon Dean
button Janice M. Bostok The Curious Incident of the Dog & the Birthday Cake Sharon Dean
button Steven Carter Discoveries to Linger Over Patricia Prime
button Glenn G. Coats Humbled by the Might of a Few Words Ray Rasmussen
button David Cobb Worth Saying Lynne Rees
button Ruth Holzer The Place Where Poetry Begins Patricia Prime
button Jim Kacian Interview on Haibun Patricia Prime
button Ken Jones Interview on Haibun Jeffrey Woodward
button Gary LeBel A Game of Tag: Gary LeBel on Tanka Prose Patricia Prime
button Bob Lucky Reflections on Writing, Editing and the Status of Haibun Ray Rasmussen
button Michael McClintock Wheeling through the Cedars Jeffrey Woodward
button Linda Papanicolaou Graphic Haibun Ray Rasmussen
button Stanley Pelter Insideoutside: Stanley Pelter on Haibun Jeffrey Woodward
button William M. Ramsey Depth Charges: A Q & A about the Art of Haibun Rich Youmans
button Ray Rasmussen Showing the Shadow Jeffrey Woodward
button Lynne Rees The Hungry Writer: An Interview with Lynne Rees Jeffrey Woodward
button Bruce Ross Interview on Haibun Jeffrey Woodward
button Miriam Sagan What Makes Eve Different Patricia Prime
button Linda Jeannette Ward Poetry in Practice Patricia Prime
button Harriot West Until One Day I Said Enough: Harriot West on Haibun Jeffrey Woodward
button Bill Wyatt Washing Jade in Muddy Water Diana Webb


  Author/Journal, Title (alphabetical by Author/Journal) Reviewer
button Hortensia Anderson, The Plentitude of Emptiness Dru Philippou
button Roberta Beary, Deflection Tish Davis
button Atlas Poetica's "25 Tanka Prose" & Atlas Poetica 9, (Eds.) Bob Lucky & M. Kei Tish Davis
button Atlas Poetica 23, (Ed.) M. Kei Alexis Rotella
button Amanda Bell, Undercurrents Patricia Prime
button Julie Beveridge, Home Is Where the Heartache Is Patricia Prime
button BHS Haibun Anthology Dover Beach and My Backyard, (Eds.) Colin Blundell & Graham High Jeffrey Woodward
button BHS Haibun Anthology, The Unseen Wind, (Eds.) Lynne Rees & Jo Pacsoo, Tish Davis
button Janice M. Bostok, Stepping Stones Jeffrey Woodward
button Janice M. Bostok, Bernard Gadd & Catherine Mair, Shadow Patches Patricia Prime
button John Brandi, Water Shining Beyond the Fields Jeffrey Woodward
button Marjorie Buettner, Some Measure of Existence Ruth Holzer
button Owen Bullock, Joanna Preston, Jeffrey Harpeng, Beverley George: Four Tellings Patricia Prime
button Peter Butler, A Piece of Shrapnel Ryan Jessup
button Peter Butler, The Trouble with Mona Lisa Patricia Prime
button Frank Carey, Seasons: A Chapbook of Haiku, Senryu and Haibun Patricia Prime
button Steven Carter, A Green Pebble Patricia Prime
button Steven Carter, American Gothic Patricia Prime
button Steven Carter, Broken Patricia Prime
button Steven Carter, Ekphrasis Patricia Prime
button Steven Carter, Honey of Generation: Haibun & Tanka Prose Patricia Prime
button Steven Carter, The Kraken Latitudes Patricia Prime
button Steven Carter, Interiors and The Distances Patricia Prime
button Steven Carter, Letters to My Parents David Bingham
button Stever Carter, Paper Doors Ruth Holzer
button Steven Carter, Pillars of Fire Graham Nunn
button Steven Carter, Ripples Lynne Rees
button Terry Ann Carter, On the Road to Naropa Dru Philippou
button Andrea Cecon, Selected Haibuns Patricia Prime
button Andrea Cecon, Short: A Tiny-haibun Collection Patricia Prime
button Cryil Childs & Joanna Preson, Listening to the Rain Patricia Prime
button Glenn G. Coats, Beyond the Muted Trees Rich Youmans
button Glenn G. Coats, Snow on the Lake: Haibun & Haiku Penny Harter
button Glenn G. Coats, Waking and Dream Bill Waters
button David Cobb, Business in Eden Jeffrey Woodward
button David Cobb, Marching with Tulips Patricia Prime
button David Cobb, Spitting Pips Graham High
button Contemporary Haibun, Volume 8, (Eds.) Jim Kacian, Ken Jones, Bruce Ross Jeffrey Woodward
button Contemporary Haibun, Volume 9, (Eds.) Jim Kacian, Ken Jones, Bruce Ross Matthew Paul
button Contemporary Haibun, Volume 11, (Eds.) Jim Kacian, Ken Jones, Bruce Ross Mark Smith
button Contemporary Haibun, Volume 12, (Eds.) Jim Kacian, Ken Jones, Bruce Ross Michael McClintock
button Contemporary Haibun, Volume 13, (Eds.) Jim Kacian, Ken Jones, Bruce Ross Owen Bullock
button Contemporary Haibun, Volume 14, (Eds.) Jim Kacian, Ken Jones, Bruce Ross Lynne Rees
button Robert Davey, Resewing Sunlight Patricia Prime
button Margaret Lane Dornaus, Prayer for the Dead: Collected Haibun & Tanka Prose Patricia Prime
button Diane di Prima, The Ones I Used to Laugh With: A Haibun Journal Roger Jones
button Claire Everett, Earth, Our Common Ground Charles D. Tarlton
button Amelia Fielden, Mint Tea from a Copper Pot Dru Philippou
button Ruth Franke, Slipping through Water Tish Davis
  Tim Gardiner, The Flintknapper’s Ghost Patricia Prime
button Stephen Henry Gill (Editor), From the Cottage of Visions Tony Beyer
button Genjuan Haibun Contest Anthology Rich Youmans
button Charles Hansmann, The Loneliness Jacket Lynne Rees
button Jeffrey Harpeng, Quarter Past Sometime Jeffrey Woodward
button Jeffrey Harpeng, Patricia Prime, Diana Webb, Jeffrey Woodward:
Quartet: A String of Haibun in Four Voices
Joanna Preston
button Penny Harter, One Bowl Graham Nunn
button Penny Harter, Recycling Starlight Bruce Ross
button Graham High, Travelling Light Patricia Prime
button Marshall Hyrciuk, Haibun Hotels Tony Beyer
button Colin Stewart Jones, Basho Has Left the Building Brian Zimmer
button Ken Jones, Bog Cotton Patricia Prime
button Ken Jones, Gone Away George Marsh
button Ken Jones, The Parsley Bed & Stallion's Crag Jeffrey Woodward
button Ken Jones, Stone Leeks: More Haiku Stories Patricia Prime
button Roger Jones, Goodbye Tony Beyer
button Noragh Jones, The Dog of Darkness Patricia Prime
button Journeys 2014: An Anthology of International Haibun, (Ed.) Angelee Deodhar Tish Davis
button Journeys 2015: An Anthology of International Haibun, (Ed.) Angelee Deodhar Michael McClintock
button Journeys 2017: An Anthology of International Haibun, (Ed.) Angelee Deodhar (Ed.) Jeff Streeby
button Jim Kacian, Border Lands Jeffrey Woodward
button M. Kei (Editor), Stacking Stones, An Anthology of Short Tanka Sequences Tony Beyer
button KYSO Flash Anthology of Haibun and Tanka Forms, (Ed.) Clare MacQueen Ray Rasmussen
button Gary LeBel, Abacus: Prose poems, haibun and short poems Jeffrey Woodward
button Bob Lucky, Ethiopian Time Lynne Rees
button Catherine Mair, Incoming Tide Patricia Prime
button Ed Markowski, Americana Bob Lucky
button David B. Marshall, The Lost Work of Wasps Melissa Allen
button Giselle Maya, Cicada Chant Patricia Prime
button Giselle Maya, Poem Tales Owen Bullock
button Giselle Maya, Poem Tales Bruce Ross
button Claire McCotter, Black Horse Running Patricia Prime
button Beverly Acuff Momoi, Lifting the Towhee’s Song Chen-ou Liu
button James Norton, The Fragrance of Dust Patricia Prime
button Graham Nunn, Measuring the Depth Patricia Prime
button Sean O'Connor, Let Silence Speak Peter Butler
button Maeve O’Sullivan, Elsewhere Patricia Prime
button W.F. Owen, Small Events Jeffrey Woodward
button Stanley Pelter, & Y Not? Patricia Prime
button Stanley Pelter, About Time Jeffrey Harpeng
button Stanley Pelter, An Abundance of Gifts Bob Lucky
button Stanley Pelter, insideoutside Jeffrey Woodward
button Stanley Pelter, Slightly Scented Short Lived Words and Roses Patricia Prime
button Stanley Pelter, Vermeer and a Stony Beach Patricia Prime
button Carol Pearce-Worthington, We Are Not to Sing in the Car Dru Philippou
button Rochelle Potkar, Paper Asylum: Prose Poems Amanda Bell
button Patricia Prime & Giselle Maya, Shizuka Dru Philippou
button Kala Ramesh, Beyond the Horizon Beyond Tony Beyer
button Ray Rasmussen, Landmarks: A Haibun Collection Ferris Gilli
button Ray Rasmussen, Canyonlands Journal Linda Papanicolaou
button Lynne Rees, Forgiving the Rain Bob Lucky
button Bruce Ross, endless small waves Dru Philippou
button Bruce Ross, Summer Drizzles, Haiku and Haibun Jeffrey Woodward
button Richard Straw, The Longest Time Patricia Prime
button Jeff Streeby, Wile: Sketches from Nature Cynthia Rowe
button Jeff Streeby, Wile: Sketches from Nature Bill Waters
button The Tanka Prose Anthology, (Ed.) Jeffrey Woodward Ray Rasmussen
button Paresh Tiwari, Raindrops Chasing Raindrops David Read
button Cor van den Heuval, A Boy's Seasons Glenn G. Coats
button Linda Jeannette Ward, A delicate dance of wings Tish Davis
button Diana Webb, Pocketing the Tide Tish Davis
button Diana Webb, Takeaway Patricia Prime
button Harriot West, Into the Light Ruth Holzer
  Harriot West, Shades of Absence Patricia Prime
button Mimi White, Memory Won't Save Me Ruth Holzer
button Jane Whittle, Footprints Patricia Prime
button Jeffrey Winke, I’ll Tell You So Ray Rasmussen
button Jeffrey Winke, I’ll Tell You So Tish Davis
button Jeffrey Woodward, Another Garden: Tanka Writings Ingrid Kunschke
button Jeffrey Woodward, Evening in the Plaza: Haibun & Haiku Melissa Allen
button Rich Youmans, All the Windows Lit Patricia Prime

Bibliography & Definitions




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