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Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmusssen, General Editor


Changes at Haibun Today

1. Submission Deadlines

As we adjust to the reality of fewer volunteer editors, it has become important that our submission periods become a bit shorter. Because I travel a lot and don't always have access to high speed Internet, I need more time to format each issue. So please refer to our submissions deadlines when sending your work to Haibun Today.

2. Copy Editing Practices

Since its inception, Jeffrey Woodward not only served as Haibun Today's content editor, but also did double duty as a copy editor. As a result, his issues were exemplary in terms of being typo-free and grammatically correct. Melissa, Janet, Patricia and I all do copy editing when we accept pieces for the journal. Still, if when your work is posted, or when you read through the journal, you spot copy problems, please let me know at my personal email address -> Help with Copy Problems.

And we are looking for a volunteer copy checker. We'd like someone or several someones to read through the issue about a week prior to its release to look for obvious typos. This does not involve style editing. I.e., if you think a person's writing could be improved. If you are willing to help, please contact me at my personal email address -> Help with Copy Problems.

3. Technical Help

We are also looking for a volunteer technical editor. The technical editor formats each issue and handles issues dealing with our website. I would be happy to train people to do this, assuming that you're reasonably comfortable with computers. Good software is available to help with the formatting process. If you are willing to assist, please contact me at my personal email address -> Help with Formatting and Technical Issues.

4. Style Editing

We tend to be “hands-on” editors at HT. That is, we may make suggestions or even insist on changes to a piece because we feel something is off with the writing. In doing so, our aim is to encourage new writers to the genre and to provide a rare place where even an experienced writer can get feedback on his or her writing. Please don't be offended if we offer suggestions. As editors, we recognize that we are working from our own sensibilities about writing and reactions as readers. Thus, you may disagree with our comments.

5. As previously announced, here are our staff changes.

Jeffrey Woodward continues as Owner/Founder of Haibun Today, but has stepped aside as General Editor.

Haibun editors Ruth Holzer and Glenn Coats and tanka prose editor Claire Everett have also stepped aside. Turnover in editorial staff is to be expected. We are volunteers and editing is a demanding task that takes away from a writer’s primary work – his or her own writing and all those other activities that comprise a life.

Janet Lynn Davis has stepped up as our tanka prose editor.

Patricia Prime continues as our resources editor, and Melissa Allen and Ray Rasmussen continue as haibun editors. Melissa and Ray take on two issues each. We adjust this according to our travel schedules.

– Ray Rasmussen, General Editor



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