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Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmusssen, General Editor


Changes at Haibun Today

Jeffrey Woodward will continue as Owner/Founder of Haibun Today, but is stepping aside as General Editor. Jeffrey launched our journal in November, 2007 – a time when Contemporary Haibun Online was the sole venture exclusively featuring haibun. At the time, he noted that haiku genre journals made little room for haibun. It was his opinion that the growing number of writers created a need for a second exclusively haibun venture. There are few who have done as much as Jeffrey for the development of English-language haibun and tanka prose. He is a champion of literary criticism (articles, reviews, commentaries, interviews) both writing critical articles himself, and as important, encouraging others to write criticism. Working with Resources Editor Patricia Prime, Haibun Today’s resources section contains by far the largest body of criticism of haibun and tanka prose that exists. As Jeffrey put it in an editorial, a literary genre can’t grow without an accompanying body of criticism. And together with Tanka Prose Editor Claire Everett, Haibun Today's tanka prose section has established tanka prose as its own related, yet distinct genre.

Haibun editors Ruth Holzer and Glenn Coats and tanka prose editor Claire Everett are also stepping aside. Turnover in editorial staff is to be expected. We are volunteers and editing is a demanding task that takes away from a writer’s primary work – his or her own writing and all those other activities that comprise a life.

I am pleased to announce that Janet Lynn Davis is stepping up as our tanka prose editor, that Patricia Prime will continue as our resources editor, while Melissa Allen and I continue as haibun editors.

Janet lives in a heavily wooded community to the north of Houston, Texas. In her "former" life, she was a technical writer/editor and communications specialist for industry. Janet's tanka and related forms, as well as other poems, have been published in numerous online and print venues over the past decade or so. She served as vice president and contest coordinator of the Tanka Society of America in 2014 and 2015; during her term, she initiated the TSA's first-ever tanka prose contest.

It has been a great pleasure working with Jeffrey, Ruth, Glenn and Claire. Their collegiality and dedication have been a very positive event in my life of writing.

– Ray Rasmussen, General Editor & Haibun Editor



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