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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 13, Number 4, December 2019




buttonThis is the last issue of Haibun Today. Read a Closing Statement by Ray Rasmussen.

buttonTwo new releases: The Red River Book of Haibun Anthology & The Haibun Journal

Haibun: Melissa Allen, Terri French, Rich Youmans & Ray Rasmussen, Editors

button Steve Andrews, Ice Cubes
button Steve Andrews, The Softball Field
button Jenny Apostol, Cardinal
button Marilyn Ashbaugh, Monkey Bars
button Marilyn Ashbaugh, Summer Intern
button Taofeek Ayeyemi (Aswagaawy), Once We Were Innocent
button Jo Balistreri, On the Morning of My Father's Death
button Roberta Beary, TV PasTime
button Faye Boland, Skin
button John Budan, The Longest Wait
button Matthew Caretti, Confucius & the Sangoma
button Matthew Caretti, Firmament
button Teri White Carns, Umlauts, Their Bicentennial
button Anna Cates, Definition Poem
button Salil Chaturvedi, Broken Window
button Glenn G. Coats, Senescence
button Martin Duguay, Passages
button J Hahn Doleman, Ship of Fools
button J Hahn Doleman, Unnatural Selection
button Susan Farner, Saturday Afternoon
button Mark Forrester, Let It Be
button Mark Forrester, So Shall You Reap
button Terri L. French, Collections
button Bill Gottlieb, An Injury
button Richard Grahn, Across the Wasteland
button Richard Grahn, Full Circle
button Marilyn Humbert, Aftermath
button David Jacobs, You Could Always Get a Dog, Dad . . .
button Peter Jastermsky, Deep Cleaning
button Peter Jastermsky, Omen
button Ryan Jessup, Nocturne
button Isabella Kramer, Conosci tu il paese . . .
button Kat Lehmann, Hideaway
button Antonietta Losito, Antediluvian
button Doris Lynch, Nom de Plume
button Tanya McDonald, Every Time I Watch You Light Up
button Tanya McDonald, Vanishing Point
button Marietta McGregor, There but for Fortune
button Marietta McGregor, Uluru
button Peter Newton, Victory Dashboard Road
button Maeve O'Sullivan, Power Source
button Pravat Kumar Padhy, Typewriter
button Keith Polette, Kintsugi
button Joan Prefontaine, How It Sometimes Happens
button Joan Prefontaine, Spin
button Ray Rasmussen, All That Remains
button Hema Ravi, Petrichor
button Dian Duchin Reed, Parts
button Bryan Rickert, Caribbean Holiday
button Bryan Rickert, Namesake
button Alexis Rotella, An Eerie Night
button Adelaide Shaw, Gourmet Simple
button Madhu Singh, Ennui
button Iris Lee Stoler, So Much Depends. . .
button Jennifer Thiermann, Exposure
button Lew Watts, Mwg Hallt
button Jeffrey Yamaguchi, Misty
button Gideon Young, A Parent Contemplating . . .
button John Zheng, Waiting for Spring

Tanka Prose: Tish Davis and Tim Gardiner, Editors

buttonMary Ahearn & Tim Gardiner, Just Marty & The Moonraker
buttonJanet Lynn Davis, Day One
buttonTish Davis, Riding Bareback
buttonAmelia Fielden, The Last Time I Saw Paris
buttonTim Gardiner, The End
buttonBill Gottlieb, A Dog I Talked To Last Night
buttonRichard Grahn, Stronghold
buttonAutumn Noelle Hall, Give Us Your Fear, Your Power . . .
buttonScott Hicks, Going Home
buttonMarilyn Humbert, Red Sky
buttonAlexander Jankiewicz, Entanglement
buttonGerry Jacobson, The Green Line Travellers
buttonKat Lehmann, Squall
buttonJoy McCall & Tim Gardiner, Touched By Saigyo
buttonVandana Parashar, Leap Of Faith
buttonDru Philippou, First Naiveté
buttonCarol Raisfield, Glory Days
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, Nights In White Satin
buttonMadhu Singh, Lilies, Made Of Stone
buttonChristine Shook, The Railroad Tracks
buttonShernaz Wadia, A Nameless Relationship
buttonJohn Zheng, Eulogy



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