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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 9, Number 3, September 2015


In Memoriam

Ken Jones
18 May 1930 - 2 August 2015

Ken JonesKen Jones lived in Wales with his wife Noragh. His writing reflects both the people and landscapes of his native land. Though his career centered on higher education, he also served as a peace, ecological, and social activist. Ken became a Zen and Ch’an practitioner after years of Buddhist training. He was a longtime co-editor of Contemporary Haibun Online. A prolific writer, Ken’s haiku and haibun were published in haiku magazines and anthologies throughout the world. His collected works include Bog Cotton (2012), Stone Leeks (2009), The Parsley Bed (2006), Stallion’s Crag (2003), Arrow of Stones (2001), and Pilgrim Foxes (co-authored with James Norton and Sean O’Connor, 2001). A final book (Gone Away) is forthcoming and deals with Ken’s protracted battle with cancer.

Through a shower of yellow leaves
my veined hands
tight on the wheel


Ken Jones at Haibun Today

Marsh's Pool
The Knife Grinder
Honour and Glory
An Existential Encounter
A Change of Address

Interview with Ken Jones

Review of The Parsley Bed and Stallion's Crag
Review of Stone Leeks
Review of Bog Cotton



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