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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 9, Number 2, June 2015


Matthew Caretti
Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Present Conditional

a spire pierces
the day moon
music erupts

He kneels beside the pew. Lowers his head. Feigns prayer while thinking that to exist is to be in relationship with . . . something. Someone. Everything. Everyone. But he knows this some-every-thing-one manifests in the present.

Later he looks down the row of strangers seated at the bar. And wonders. Who is it that now sits beside me? What is it that attracts in this moment my gaze? And what actions of my own free will have catalyzed the here-and-now-of-me-and-them? He turns back to his beer. Pushes it away. He knows his fate is shared. And that it begins directly.

A twenty dampens under the still full mug. He walks outside. Into the day. Crosses the street. Into the park. Pauses. Asks himself, What is my intention?

outside the shade
of the old oak
his toes emerge



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