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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 7, Number 3, September 2013


Patricia Prime & Owen Bullock
Auckland and Katikati, New Zealand

Red Polls

received in the post
his ‘scrap-paper’ poems
written in pencil
together with a hand-painted card
of red polls in winter sunshine

My son pointed out a chaffinch yesterday, just as he would a Bristol Freighter. New forms of animation and mixed media seem to flow from him like a cool spring in the mountains.

a song
I’ll never forget
the jibberish
he sang as he watered
the garden with a can

he rarely drinks booze
and snacks on carrots
eats like a snake
and praises their sleek moves,
the chameleon’s deft colours

Packing his bag for a trip to Wellington to see singer/front man Robert Plant, he folds t-shirts, sorts out his collection of the band’s CDs and a black marker for autographs.

delivering a parcel
the postman asks, above the music,
“what’s going on in your house?”
“It’s my son and his friend playing
a Kiss video,” is my reply

Ten guitars on a hand-painted rack, TV, gaming consuls, computer, clothes covering the bed, anime figurines stacked to the ceiling in a 10 x 8 room, they produce their first print comic.

a negro spiritual
as I vacuum
just like I used to do
when I was twenty



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