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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 7, Number 3, September 2013


Ray Rasmussen
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Nothing Better

Several years ago on my daily walk, I spotted a flower garden: Foxglove, Veronica, Shasta Daisies and ornamental grasses. It spread across the front and on both sides of a house. Returning regularly, I enjoyed its spring, summer and fall seasons.

Last year, I saw a man putting up a trellis, and complimented him on the garden. Looking up, he mumbled “Thanks.” From time to time, I’d lean on the fence and chat about how the trellis was filling out with Clematis, Climbing Rose and Moonflower; his excitement about the newly added Fireball Lily; his irritation at the aphids on the wild rose. “Nothing better than a garden,” he said, “keeps the mind and spirit alive.”

Last fall, there was an ambulance in front of the house and family standing by. Not wanting to intrude, I passed by without inquiring.

october drizzle
a ‘for sale’ sign
in the yellow tangle

This spring, the garden came to life again, but in some places weeds were taking over; in others, the usual annuals were absent.

under the shadow
of daisies—
lilies dying



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