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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 7, Number 3, September 2013


Al Fogel
Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Crossing Over

One night in 1982, Sheila, a hospital worker, was attending to a man who was not thought to be in any immediate danger or extremely ill, when at about eight P.M., he began talking very lucidly about a loved one whom he longed to see. Sheila could not tell who this person was, but it was obvious that the man had not seen her in many years and never expected to do so again. The impression is that she must have passed away some years before . . . . At about 9:30 he began talking about this person again, and his vital signs also began to fall. Fearing the worst, more medical staff was brought in. The patient became wonderfully alert, as some people do very near the end. As time went by, it was clear he could see someone there whom no one else could see. Suddenly, his face lit up like a beacon. He was staring and smiling at what was clearly a long-lost friend, his eyes so full of love and serenity that it was hard for those around him to not be overcome by tears. Minutes later the man died, in a state of sublime peace and happiness

crossing over. . .
the warmth
of unseen hands

Author’s Note: Prose found on “Hospital and ER Personal Experiences” by Joseph M. Higgins and Chuck Bergman.



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