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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 6, Number 3, September 2012


Brian Zimmer
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Careless Love

Love, oh love, oh careless love
In your clutches of desire
You've made me break a many true vow
Then you set my very soul on fire . . .

          –W.C. Handy, “Careless Love Blues”

“Love is blind.” More to the point: love is blinding. That is its greatest and most abiding attribute.

The study of the biology of love is still in its infancy. Yet even without benefit of its findings we know we are prisoners feeling our way with its exquisitely painful light shining in our eyes. What else can account for the beautiful young girl who allows herself to be isolated and owned, the lad who will support another man’s family? What is true today was true yesterday and will be true again tomorrow.

Otherwise, you would have listened to your mother.

like open taverns
inebriate the bee
blossoming for all
who know their meanings

There is evidence to suggest2 that not a few women will be coerced by Nature’s ineluctable power to renew the gene pool by cuckolding their husbands. No matter that the husband is a billionaire, a brain surgeon, or celebrity. No matter that he may even be deeply loved and cherished by his unfaithful wife. The body of a titan, a man endowed with superlative attributes of the specimen type will override all resistance given the proper time, place, and circumstances.

Not every woman will succumb, of course, but enough women to ensure genetic enrichment will present themselves. Nature, selective, careless breeder that she is, sees to it. Morality has no purchase here. The individual is entirely beside the point. The tyranny of genes disdains religion and mocks every ideology and “ism.” Alpha & Omega, it has both first and last word.

seed heads
scatter over the fields
sinking roots
where vagabonds
are made to feel welcome

What fools men of a certain age and status will make of themselves over a beautiful younger woman or youth. Everyone smiles and winks upon seeing the “naked emperor” ply The Prize with baubles, clothes, luxuries of every kind. Modern alchemy ensures a physical stamina and satisfaction few could have imagined, much less maintained, in the not so distant past; potions The Prize may quickly come to loathe.

Luxury, money and prestige having sealed the contract; a peculiar pathos soon attends it. The terrors of age advance with greater acceleration for the one, while the other experiences the deepest loss and sadness. Alienation overtakes the accustomed, necessary life neither can flee, with no escape save one. It is but a variation on a theme.

Let the cuckolding begin.

the strongest blooms
go their hardy first or
final round
frost-edged and braced
cold Venus rises

Philosophy and literature are full of unheeded wisdom, cautionary tales:

“‘Hush man,’ the poet replied, ‘I am very glad to have escaped from this, like a slave who has escaped from a mad and cruel master.’

I thought then that he was right, and I still think so, for a great peace and freedom from these things come with old age.”3

But at what cost such peace and freedom? And how briefly they sojourn with us. The witch and friar have long regarded the philtres of love as far more potent, dangerous and short-lived than the tinctures of malediction, or the palliatives strained to summon the Angel of Mercy.

in icy huts
the elders keep
the mysteries
long gathered and dried
hanging from the eaves

Author’s Note:

1. A Hundred Stanzas Related to ‘Person’ by Sogi Alone
2. Gary, Bruce L., Genetic Enslavement: A Call to Arms for Individual Liberation, Third Edition, Reductionist Publications, d/b/a, 2008
3. Plato, Republic, Book One, (Cephalus quoting Sophocles)



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