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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 6, Number 3, September 2012


Kala Ramesh
Pune, Maharashtra, India

The Inner Rhythm

searching for ways
to weave the loose ends
into my day—
sea waves rise as one
to colour the sunset

From the path lost to twists and turns, our cows find their way back home. As a child, the twilight hour was special to me, because mother made it so. As skies darkened, she would insist on lighting the oil lamp first for Devi, before switching on the electric bulb in her kitchen.

We would patiently wait and watch as she bent low to pour oil into the bronze lamp. She would then strike a match to touch it to the wick. What a surprise each time, seeing her face glow in shades of gold.

with great flourish
the magician pulls out
two green parrots
giving wings to an old dream—
I float in my autumn bubble

Author’s Note: Chhand refers to "the inner rhythm" in Sanskrit poetry. Devi is one of the names for the Mother Goddess.



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