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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 6, Number 3, September 2012


Stanley Pelter
Claypole, Lincolnshire, England

First First Edition

In different Schools we meet regularly due to John Berger1 who, with a future Head of Painting, Peter de Francia, establishes Contextual Studies; model for all.

lottery prize
lucky dip draw
dictates lane 1

Our group of five comprise Jill (sculpture school), who died too young, Ben (painting school) of Unilever fame and fortune, David and Ron (both to be great 20th century painters), and myself (tiny school of stained glass and the better Coventry Cathedral windows).

unique music score
soprano and bass
write libretto

Significant, squashed Underground train journey. With Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas meet serious, rock hewn face, New York Times carrying Ron Kitaj at London’s National Gallery.

Trafalgar square     packed
with noisy tourist colour
empty gallery

We talk Ciambue, Piero della Franscesca, Fra Angelicao, Rembrandt, Mantegna, Tintoretto, Masaccio, Uccello into our contemporary, more than slightly esoteric language.

wall painting
allegory or symbol
becomes a major concern

Outside, move to Cecil Court, derivation of a future painting. With his help buy my first First Edition, Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn. Ruining its condition, I will go on to read it, dipping in, dipping out time and again. He buys three. Can’t remember what. Out of time context he asks, “How are you?” Can’t remember what I said. He walks to Leicester Square Underground Station, I to Charing Cross. Perhaps, if on my way to the Tate Gallery, it is Westminster or Pimlico.

one of many
underground train stations
same end game

He, a great 20th century artist, has died now.

Author’s Note: 1 John Berger—Marxist; author of plays, novels, collections of poetry, a large number of non-fiction books; painter and Art Historian. One of his best known books is Ways of Seeing, translated into a TV series.



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