Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 5, Number 4, December 2011

Lucas Stensland
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


"habitually an instinct breaks up names"

As far as I can remember, I've always enjoyed acronyms. I am not some savant who possesses any superior gift with them. Just a big fan. They are, in part, how I build familiarity with daily routine. My licence plate is the perfect example: DTD, which has me think "Day To Day" when I see it. I realize that my delight in them has unconsciously inspired a pleasantness in form. For example, STD in my mind is not the unpleasant thing mentioned on date three, but a cheerful wedding announcement: Save The Date.

not a great
casting anyway

And then there's my name. My parents couldn't have entertained me more with it. My favorite movie to this day is Love Streams, which shares its acronym with my name. It was directed by John Cassavetes (who himself shares with Jesus Christ, Jose Cuervo and my brother's friend, Jason Cardinal). So enamored by this acronymic coincidence, I have its title tattooed on my left arm. My middle name is Marshall, so I'm tight with Large Medium Small. And here's a current event. I live in Minneapolis on Lake Street. It of course shares with my given and family names, but here is where gold warms: Lake Street becomes Marshall in St. Paul. Acronymically speaking, I couldn't be happier with my address.

My middle name comes from my grandpa on my father's side, Marshall Allen Stensland (who shares with Mutual Admiration Society). He died around the time I was born. Never having known the man, I must confess I know little of him except he lived near where I am now, and like myself, he moved around a lot. I'm returning to Brooklyn in a few months. It will be my sixth address in two years. I wonder what part I'll live in and what the neighborhood will be like. On another level, I wonder how street names will breakdown.

future homes
too many closets
or not enough


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