Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 5, Number 4, December 2011

Anne Curran
Hamilton, New Zealand


A Brighter Future

In the next apartment, a young Indian couple chat in Punjabi as they prepare their evening meal. They speak in excitable voices; they laugh in unison. Over months I have grown used to their evening routine.

voices of India
from a kitchen window
smell of curry

One summer evening, Poonam shows me a wedding photo of her and her husband, Amin. They appear a handsome couple, surrounded by family members. She tells me that her home in India is beautiful, in contrast to this plain apartment they now occupy. She also explains that at home in India, servants waited on her, because she is "from a good family."

However, they have come to New Zealand to create a future for themselves because Amin wants them to live independently. So while Poonam experiences a deep homesickness for home and family, she also speaks of their lives in New Zealand, and from here, perhaps Australia.

I shift to a new residence mid-year. Unfortunately, I take with me a trailerload of luggage. Fortunately, I also carry this memory of my Punjabi neighbours with spirited smiles, big dreams, and little luggage.

The haiku has previously been published in Valley Micropress, V 13, N 9, October 2010.

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